Wii Hurt

The weekend was supposed to be slothful and despite a few forgivable false starts I am still left wondering what the heck went wrong. How could I arrive back home and find myself sitting here on my sofa with multiple athletic injuries?

I arrived at Rach’s house on Friday and was immediately forced aboard the cross trainer to build up an appetite for the evenings festivities. A whole 4 calories later the Chinese take away arrived and I was allowed to kick back and enjoy my crispy shredded beef. Later, under a drunken haze I was introduced to the Nintendo wii and challenged to a ten pin bowling showdown.

Now, I have read books on ten pin bowling so like to think of myself as a bit of a bowling rockstar, you can’t just challenge me and expect to be let off lightly. Three hours later I was still calling for a rematch and was only persuaded to lay down my plastic bowling ball for a showing of the latest L Word episode (a particularly good one I have to add!).

I was up again at dawn practising on the alleys, Rach didn’t know what had hit her. Unfortunately she still beat me so I practised more while she slept. The next morning I had perfected the technique, I could get my ball to stay out of the gutter and actually managed to topple a few skittles. This perfection came at a cost though. By this point I could barely carry the weight of my own arms, I would yell out in pain every time I sent the ball bouncing towards her tv screen and even managed to pull my left hamstring as I adopted the power crouch position. I was glad to go home for a rest!

Shoulder Spica

Back at home today I planned to sneak in my long run between meetings at work, they were held 10 miles apart and I thought I could probably pull off the distance quicker if I avoided public transport. I was aware of my rather tender arm situation and knew that carrying a water bottle was off limits so packed the bladder into my backpack. Setting off on a light trot down the canal I was reminded what a gruelling weekend it had been. I had to tie my arms into my rucksac just to hold them up, my triceps and deltoids were completely shot and I would have signed myself up for a full body cast at the drop of a hat.

Just to add insult to injury or even more injury to injury, my toe nail has started to peel off again. I sellotaped it up this morning in the hopes that it would help but I think I over tightened it. Even before I started running it felt like someone had dropped a darn bowling ball on my toe, I could feel every beat of my heart pounding through my nail bed. It’s like Japanese water torture.

My long run turned into a rather lame short run with a very long walk attached and I blame Rach and that silly little console.

7 thoughts on “Wii Hurt

  1. Suzan - SHS1

    Just bowling?
    Wait till she intoduces you to the delights of a game called Mario & Sonic at the Olympics. Masses more activities to do damage to you in that! Try running on the Bejing track or swimming in the proper pool – unless you staged a speilberg political protest you could get seriously hooked!

  2. Phil

    A “bowling rockstar” that made me spitt coffee 🙂 i played baseball Wii for hours with some fiends a few weeks ago and i felt like i had done 5 million press ups the next day.

  3. jogblog

    “my toe nail has started to peel off again. I sellotaped it up this morning”

    I first read that at 7am this morning. Not what you need to read first thing!

  4. booyaa

    hehehe wii bowling is one of my favs, it’s a great one to get house guest trash talking! 🙂

    good thing you didn’t play wii boxing. who knows what injuries you might have got…

  5. Speed Racer

    I don’t get it. So is a Wii like ONLY bowling, because that doesn’t sound very fun. If you start getting into Guitar Hero, I’m never coming back to this blog again.

    And one might say your nail torture isn’t so much like Chinese water torture as… you know, that torture where they rip your nails out. Anyway, I hope you feel better. Take care of those injuries, and the next time you venture into virtual games, go for virtual Monopoly or Scrabble. They have way fewer associated overuse injuries.

  6. kathy

    Thanks for the warning Angela. I will avoid any bowling showdown on Wii. I’ve got an EyeToy and it’s a gas. There’s a bootcamp game that requires a bit of effort, but fortunately I haven’t played it against anyone seriously fit.

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