Running Commute Torment

I’m in desperate need of a new running routine, and what better way to kick start a routine than re-starting the running commute torment?

I wanted to take the canal route but as I was preparing to leave work, a huge grey cloud was obliterating all the light of day. I spent so long trying to decide whether I was risking imminent murderising of the dark, isolated, canal kind that it got so dark I couldn’t find the opening to the waterway anyhoo. So instead I got to chalk up another grim run along the Uxbridge Rd for posterity.

I was really hoping to avoid people today, an isolated canal (minus the certain death) would have been perfect. As it was I had to put up with the look of panic on the faces of everyone I passed. People at bus stops would look quickly away and push past each other to put distance between them and me. They were clearly terrified that they were going to have to “do something” when the lolloping beetroot running towards them, collapsed and required CPR.


I was pretty hot today, it’s been so long since I last ran consistently that I haven’t noticed the seasons changing and I went out in a thermal long sleeved top. Very uncomfortable. It was so hot in fact that the Thames had dried out leaving an amazing array of litter and assorted boat wrecks. I was tempted to wade in and search for bullion.

As unappealing as this run was, I need to continue with this kind of torture. I have a plan of the crazy running kind and it needs a level of commitment and endurance that I seem to have discarded by the wayside. More details to follow.

7 thoughts on “Running Commute Torment

  1. londonjogger

    do tell… i love it when a plan gets blogged…:)

  2. jogblog

    I think the whole world has decided to embark on running commutes this week, there’s loads in the City.

  3. TriGirl Thea

    So far the giant is feels like a dream. But thats just on the Turbo trainer. I’ll let you know when I get it out in the real world. But I have been debating the purchase for over a year, since it seemed like a lot of cash (to me, at least). So far I think it was worth every penny.

    And as for your run. I have the same internal debate here in SE6. Do you run on deserted but relatively pretty paths and risk *murderising*, or do you eat exhaust fumes for breakfast? Dontcha just love being an urban runner?

    (Well done for pulling on your shoes and getting out there though.)

  4. Emma

    Hello, glad you’re back. I’ve missed you blogs.

    Thanks for visiting mine… I will try to post on it more frequently, promise. And if I can’t think of anything interesting to say, then I’ll just make something up.

  5. Darrell

    Well done and welcome back at long last, but where’s the new gadget???

  6. Phil

    Well done on the run. Running along Canals in a city? your braver than me.

  7. Speed Racer

    My goodness gracious. While it makes me laugh to hear you describe it, if running is that awful, i don’t know why ANYONE would do it!!! Maybe you could just buy yourself a Wii and get your exercise that way?

    Anyway, I’m sure it’ll be more fun once you actually get back into it. And, by the way, you get NO sympathy from me on the heat.

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