Enduring Love

Well you all creeped me out with your comments to my last post, how am supposed to run along the canal without fear of being shot by some misplaced American gunslinger or tumbling into floaters of dubious origin? I’d planned another running commute yesterday and even went as far as packing my running clobber and endured the horrendous public transport ordeal, only to find at the end of the day that I had forgotten the Enell contraption, otherwise known as the shoulder boulder holder. No running without that I’m afraid.

Prime Suspect

Of course you know me well enough by now – I love this running malarky so much there’s no holding me back. I’d even sacrifice a friday evening of partying (for partying, read evening watching Gardeners World) for a trog along a deserted canal and a rendezvous in a terrifying canalside dock. I was deeply absorbed by the thrilling audiobook playing on the iPod when I took this snap. I was in the middle of a WWII bombing raid over West London when two cyclists bore down on me, yelling for me to get out of the way. For the second time in a week I had to throw myself to the ground to avoid a premature bath.

Grand Union Canal

Apart from that little adrenalin rush, the rest of the run was rather peaceful. I left work later than usual because we are in the middle of the most exciting month end of the year if accounts can ever be described in those terms. The canal was deserted apart from some frisky bunnies and a convoy of Herons working their way down the waterway. I wasn’t quick enough to catch the clumsy birds dragging their lanky legs behind them so instead you get a photo of these pretty little plants.

They may be pretty in a prehistoric sense but I have a feeling that they may be specimens of the evil horsetail. I will therefore have to take my body, shoes and clothing through a decontamination zone before I set foot on the allotment. Wouldn’t want to transport it.

Good luck to any nutters plodding round the London marathon on Sunday!

9 thoughts on “Enduring Love

  1. JoggerBlogger

    Cool pics and a nice run – how good is it now the light stays on for longer, I even had a run after work 😀 alot better than a 5.00am pre-work jaunt.

  2. monica

    I never do commute-running. isn’t the backpack really uncorfortable??
    well done on your run!

  3. Speed Racer

    That’s the canal? No wonder it freaks you out so much. It looks like an abandoned warehouse where all kinds of unsavory illicit activities could occur.

    And why did you have to dive onto the ground? Wouldn’t just stepping on the grass be good enough? At least that way you don’t get mud on your clothes…

  4. Suzan - SHS1

    Def horsetail in the photo – get thee to a decontamination toxic treatment centre asap! This is the spring growth which is the main spreader of this pernicious weed.

    Glad the running is coming on well too she adds quickly, remembering that this is not the right blog for too much garden talk!

  5. Kathy

    That’s a scary looking pic Angela. If I was watching a TV program I’d definitely think that the runner was due to be fished out of the canal later in the show.

  6. Roads

    The Grand Union is magnificent for running. I used to do a 20 mile FLM training run from Camden to Limehouse and then a few steps along the river to Canary Wharf. And back again.

    Just a short diversion over the hill at Islington. But then I’ve been over the hill for years.

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