Nike+ Sportband

I’ve taken my time to write this post because I’m not sure whether to come clean about my sins or to attempt a bluff.

Nike+ Sportband

I was sent the Nike+ Sportband to try out at the beginning of the week but as I don’t have holes in my running shoes I couldn’t possibly go running before I had some hi-tech means of carrying my speed sensor – you wouldn’t catch me putting gaffer tape on my Kayanos unlike Joggerblogger and Jogblog.

The little thingammy pouch that I ordered from ebay arrived just before I left for work on Wednesday though, so I pretty much had no choice but to pack my bags and prepare for an enforced running commute.

My first impressions of the strap weren’t great, I wondered why Nike would design the watch to have a ridiculous piece of plastic wedged underneath the usb face. It angled the watch and meant I kept catching it on my sleeve. Thankfully I spotted the photo of joggerbloggers sleak sportband before I went out in public, the plastic bit is meant to be thrown away! Moron. Now I’m wearing it as a watch although I have to ask the person sitting next to me to read it as I haven’t got used to deciphering the vertical numbers and the screen is too dark but I still think it looks cool.

Anyway, back to the running.

When I left the house it was chucking it down so I packed the long sleeve top again, of course when I left work it was flippin scorching and just to ensure that I got heat stroke at the edge of a deserted canal I left the building with my empty water bottle in hand. With no means of re-entering the building I had to set off sans hydration system – bollox!

3 seconds later the Sportband is telling me to start walking but the garmin is persistently ignoring my request to locate my position. I can’t start walking now or the garmin will have a paddy fit. By the time the gps picks up the Nike system has gotten bored and gone back into clock mode, who can blame it?

I was feeling hot, sweaty and lethargic so I pretty much ignored both gadgets for the first 4k as thoughts vacillated between diving in the canal and diving in the canal. When I entered Brentford I headed straight for the nearest shop where I knocked back a bottle of water before I reached the till and handed over 90p for an empty bottle of plastic.

I set off again but now thoughts were of cool beers, enjoyed by the rivers edge. As I’ve never been known to resist the lure of beer and I was just about to reach the Thames river bank, I rather shockingly dived into the next shop and came out with a can of Stella. Now beer can’t be shaken so I paused both gadgets while I wandered down to the river. I thought I’d just enjoy my can and then carry on with the run.

Oh baaaaad runner! I thought it would be rather pleasant sitting with my legs dangling in the river enjoying a refreshing brew but the reality was rather seedy. I’m clearly a runner – running clobber and shoes, beetroot face and sweat, not one but two running watches and headphones in ear, only I’m walking and not just walking, this is no-good can swigging bum walking. About 300 hundred proper runners came past me in and in the end I realised I wasn’t enjoying this whole cool beer thing and tipped it all away.

Art is Not a Crime

Running was pretty tricky from here on in, 300m run, huge gasp, hands to temples and then walk for 1km – repeat. Nice treat at the end as there was a new piece of graffiti on my steps. Not quite Banksy but it isn’t bad.

Painful but the Sportband faired pretty well.
Total garmin distance (running only): 5.78km
Nike Sportband distance (running only): 5.65km

No way of telling which was the most accurate but they were close enough to ensure that I’ll never bother calibrating the Nike Sportband.
Post run, the usb face automatically uploads (after inserting into the usb port of course) to the Nike+ website and displays whizzy graphs.

The Nike+ website is pretty good if you like online motivation. You can join no end of challenges to push you out of the door and it looks like the next Nike organised run will be a worldwide Nike+ only event. The sportband is a great way of a gaining entry to the event, its also got to be one of the cheapest available speed and distance monitors on the market.

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24 thoughts on “Nike+ Sportband

  1. jogblog

    Why so precious about a bit of tape? It’ll come off. I hope so anyway, I’ll be removing it as soon as my purple pouch comes.

    Loving the beer break. Class.

  2. booyaa

    welcome to my world! 😀 the nike+ gear isn’t as swoosh as the garmin gear (when its paired with sportstrack), but it does a good job and its social network is the best in its field at the moment.

    what’s your running id? oh and check out this site:

    it will link up your nikeplus data with its own and they have a few more tricks up their sleeves compared to the main site.

  3. TriGirl Thea

    I’m ever so keen to get a Garmin — but all the Nike+ challenges do sound like fun.

    However, the idea of going out for a run and having two separate machines yelling at you to do different things sounds like my idea of hell. I figure anyone would have needed a beer after that! Sheesh!


  4. booyaa

    @trigirl – funny you should mention that… my nike+ kit is ever so slightly off when it comes to mile marking.

    i got annoyed with the nike+ gear congratulating me on completing a long run, whilst the garmin was tapping its imaginary feet and asking me where i thought i was going, that i switched the nike+ to count down the time it would take me to run.

    it was amusing the first few times, though.

  5. warriorwoman Post author

    Hi Booyaa, I think my user name is warriorwoman. I haven’t fathomed out how to join or set up teams though – I thought it would be fun to have a blogging team as there seem to be so many out there now.

    trigirl – I would never give up the garmin, the sportband is pretty sleek and unobtrusive but I would only really use it as a means of loading stats onto the nike+ site. The graphs there are very pretty but ultimately quite useless and not a patch on sporttracks ones. The test will be to see how long I continue running with both gadgets strapped to my wrist. Thankfully though, the sportband isn’t linked in to my iPod so there’s no risk of it giving me any instruction.

  6. Darrell

    A Nike sponsored Stella run, now that’s excellent!!

  7. BrainyBodge

    What is the purple pouch you are all talking about? I really like the look of the band but wont give up on my shoes. Are you saying that the pod can be attached to the shoe in some way and still work?



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  9. warriorwoman Post author

    Hi BB, the pouch is exactly that – a little pouch that holds the nike foot pod and then gets secured to your shoe via the laces. I got mine from ebay for about £6 but you can get them on amazon as well, try a search for “Nike+ Shoe Pouch”.
    I like my asics and have no desire to switch to Nike+ running shoes so I think the pouch is an ideal compromise.

  10. BrainyBodge

    Thank you Warriorwoman I shall give it a go. Not got one yet but I think it could be fun to give it a go. got to try something!

  11. BrainyBodge

    Hey. Got my band and have spent most of this pm playing online! Will take it out tomorrow. One thing I can’t find out is how long the charge lasts if you just use it as a watch, have you found that out WW? I gues it will be longer but I would like to know. Can’t find the data online only how long it lasts when you are running.


  12. warriorwoman Post author

    Well, keep it quiet, but I haven’t run for something like 11 or 12 days and therefore haven’t had cause to plug the the usb portion of the watch in for a charge. It’s still showing a full battery indicator though, which is a bit of a shame as I was relying on this to be the trigger for my next run.

  13. BrainyBodge

    So what you are saying is it works like a normal watch and stays charged well until you start to make it work (its kindness to the band that keeps you off the road!) then it gets the 14 hours?

    I just want to know if I can rely on it as a watch – I hate having to change watches around. When I want to run I just want to run not hunt about for stuff.

  14. warriorwoman Post author

    I am using it as a normal watch and it has shown no signs of requiring a charge between runs. I went out for a run this morning so now it is getting a bit of a top up while the data uploads. I see no reason why it wouldn’t keep going for at least a month between charges though if necessary.
    Not sure what you mean about the 14hrs bit, what does that refer to?

  15. BrainyBodge

    I thought I read that it will record a run for 14 hours before needing to charge, mind you it was late last night and I may very well have got that bit wrong!

    I will look again now.

  16. BrainyBodge

    Yes found it: “Battery life is dependent on many factors, including the frequency of runs being recorded and the temperature. Average usage should allow for up 14 hours of recording time, before you need to recharge it.”


  17. warriorwoman Post author

    Ah yes, I spotted that as well.
    There must be very little battery drain involved in using the sportband in watch mode though and 14 hrs of running is quite a lot.

  18. BrainyBodge

    Yes I think that is true. When you consider how long a standard watch battery lasts, I would expect the band to last as a watch (as long as buttons are not constantly pushed) for a very long time.

    I took it for a small run yesterday (still recovering from London and being made into the filling of a man sandwich at mile 13) and another today. It works very well although a little depressing as I thought that I was running like a train – then I found I wasn’t! Ho hum, I do like it though.


  19. Ed

    Coool. I’m jealous! How do you get stuff to review from nike like that?
    I’ve been reading a few of your (very good) posts – probably why! haha

    I’m a new blogger and I want to be sponsored too… : {

  20. Mathijs

    Is the footpod included in the package, or do you have to buy that seratly?

  21. warriorwoman Post author

    The footpod is included but you may need to get something to attach it to your shoes if you don’t have the proper Nike + running shoes.

  22. Mathijs

    Thanks. If it wasnt included it would’ve been a bit expensive imho.

    The footpod is easily attached to my Saucony’s. My girlfriend has the Nike+ with an Ipod so i tested it.

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