Frottering in Stepney

It would have been nice to lie in with a cup of tea and the latest omnibus edition of The Archers but unfortunately I have about 200 tube stations to visit over the next 30 days.

Mile End

Still, if you have to follow any tube line on a gloomy wet morning, it may as well be a pink one.

I took the Hammersmith and City line and Central line (due to closures) as far as Mile End, the most easterly point in my challenge, and immediately regretted cutting my tube map beyond Liverpool Street. It’s a pretty grim area, not the sort of place you want to loiter for long, not that the garmin pays any attention to mugging fears.

I start running along a huge long road until I reach Stepney Green and pass a man rubbing himself up against a wall. This is not improving my appreciation of the area one bit.

Aldgate East

The world brightens a bit as you approach Aldgate East and gets positively exciting around Liverpool Street, although its also associated with a GPS black hole and I spend about 50 mins wandering around in circles hoping to stumble upon Moorgate.

I get bored of running up and down the same street so opt for walking up and down the same street until I finally give up by Kings Cross and hop on the tube home.

I accidentally forget to switch off sports tracker which is fortunate as it boosts my pace to an acceptable level.

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Salomon XT Wings Challenge
9 Tube Stations
9.90 km
Sports Tracker map with photos.

15 Tube Stations
15.16 km

Warriorwoman vs Jogblog 100m Challenge Combo
9.4 miles total

13 thoughts on “Frottering in Stepney

  1. joggerblogger

    Nice work – the pictures are cool 🙂 are you sure you’re not just getting a cab around town like JogBlog is doing (she’s paying for them by selling her new mobile on ebay I hear) 😉

    Looking forward to the rest of the pictures. I got the tube late last Sunday to Blackwall… not been there before. Had a great run the next day around the docks though.

  2. warriorwoman Post author

    I have certainly considered the cab option but I couldn’t ensure it would go slow enough for me not to be caught out with the GPS pace calculation. I may opt to wobble slowly on my bike if things get tough towards the end of the month.

    As for frottering, I couldn’t confirm the grammatical accuracy of it but I’m hoping it’s the verb related to frotteurism.

  3. joggerblogger

    Gotta love a cheeky weekend frotter 🙂 At least it wasn’t a frotter on the horses – that’s a whole new hobby.

  4. londonjogger

    why does the word frotter make me feel a bit ill?

  5. monica

    I had to look at the dictionary to understand what you were talking about!! 🙂

    great pics!!

  6. londonjogger

    haha … i just looked it up…. i thought it was a made up word !

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  9. Josefine

    Haha, I just saw this – and I live in the ‘grim area’ where you started your run 😉 So far I’ve managed to live and run in the area for 2 years without being mugged…..but Mile End road is pretty nasty to run along, in all fairness.

    BUT if you do want a nice place to run from Mile End you can go along Regent’s Canal all the way to Paddington, Vicky Park is pretty great for runners (with water fountains at several places) and also along Hertford Union Canal onto the River Lea (where you can go all the way up to Waltham Abbey on towpath).

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