Pink Line Down

I completed the Hammersmith and City line today.

I had initially planned to run it as a single long run but in the end I took 3 attempts at it. I’m trying to take it gently with my back but today it was seizing up every time I stopped to take a photo and then I couldn’t get going again, as a result todays run bore a strong resemblance to walking in many parts.


Still, I did have to stop and take those photos, it’s not often that you get to look up a lady’s skirt without getting on your hands and knees.

This mid section of the H&C line was a visual treat. It started with the fantastic St Pancras building which is an absolute beauty from the outside and has now been renovated internally.

St Pancras

I can’t walk past the station without nipping in and gazing up in wonder at the roof and the clock. Strangely enough I manged to resist the longest Champagne bar in the world, I probably wasn’t dressed quite right anyhow.


Immediately after leaving the station and while the garmin is still attempting a lock on, I stumble into the grounds of the British Library and get acquainted with Newton.

I bet he’s got a bad back.

There are loads of interesting buildings to see on the Euston/Marylebone Rd so long as your vision is intact. All this running along busy highways is chucking all sorts of grit and general atmospheric pollutants into my eyes and I can feel my corneas abrading as I move.

Philological School

This building is the St Marylebone Grammar School or Philological school, set up in 1792 to support families suffering under unexpected misfortune. Directly opposite this is the Samaritan Free hospital for women and children, where “Admission free, without letter of recomendation, poverty and sickness the only passport”.

It wasn’t all that long ago that life was tough.

Heading left, away from the grotty dual carriageway, I veered towards Paddington station. Here’s another area of fabulous architecture but shamefully it is one that has worked hard to develop a shabby overcoat. St Mary’s Hospital must have been imposing in its day and you can look up to the second floor window and imagine Alexander Fleming poring over his agar plates of penicillin.

Portobello Road

From Paddington onwards, the interest in the route declined for me. The stations were such a flippin faff to get to. Royal Oak for example, is almost an extension to the platform at Paddington, I’ve often wondered what it’s point was but when you try to get to it by road you have to wiggle in and out of streets for about 2k. Ridiculous. Royal Oak to Westbourne Park is even worse and really, why would you want to bother. Get the tube that’s my advice.

Ladbroke Grove is the home of the Portobello Road market so there was a bit of colour here, but I’m disappointed that I wasn’t able to hire a nice red Ferrari.

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10 Tube Stations
10.84 km
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38 Tube Stations
36.56 km
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5 thoughts on “Pink Line Down

  1. jogblog

    “… disappointed that I wasn’t able to hire a nice red Ferrari.”

    I’ve just laughed for the first time today, thanks!

  2. londonjogger

    hehe … i think that was one of the funniest apprentice moments ever.. the way he stalked that bloke down the road saying – i’ll come to your meeting too…

    i love the new st. pancreas… they have really done a great job.

  3. Suzan - SHS1

    Followed by Lady Ribenaberet asking so politely if any passer by had heard of a Zonda while standing in front of the Aston Martin!

    Thanks for sorting the blog gremlins, went straight through this time without closing down. DId Peter Jones come round?

  4. startblog-f

    I’ve been to London twice and therefor enjoy your XT Wings Challenge very much. Maybe partly because it resembles mine a little bit, with all the running through the streets and taking lots of photos 😉

    I guess you’re not able to read German, but would be pleased if you would take a look at my articles (with lots of photos!) about my ‘letter run’ (Buchstabenlauf) in Berlin.

    I wish you a successful Challenge

  5. TriGirl Thea

    Hey, you watch the Apprentice too!

    Nice pics btw, I may be forced to go up to St Pancras to have a look at those sculptures.

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