Wii begin Juneathon

I rolled out of bed at 11 this morning, an all time record, and stumbled from mattress to the wii fit board where I proceeded to run the long distance course. Long distance note, that’s the advanced setting.

My mum’s mii overtook me within the first stretch and I had to start sprinting on the spot to retake the lead. My controller fell out of my waist band under the exertion and a 60 year old cartoon character passed me for the second time. By the time I retrieved it and continued to the finish line she’d lapped me.

How humiliating?

The wii informs me that I’m a VERY good runner though so I’m happy. I almost forgave it for screaming when I climbed on the board this morning. It told me to step up and then squealed “ouch” and after weighing me, squeaked “too high!” Cheeky little……

This afternoon I began to worry that perhaps my wii fit run wouldn’t be accepted under the exacting Juneathon rules and so decided a proper run is required until I can seek verification. I’m having a tube station aversion though so I head out on my old familiar riverside route where I promptly pull my calf and have to hobble my way around the 3k route.

7 thoughts on “Wii begin Juneathon

  1. Stephen Iles

    Pulled your calf ? Poor thing, it was probably cold and wanted its mum. I only ever see, and give a wide berth to, people with dogs. I dread to think how large a poop bag you must need for it.


  2. jogblog

    “… I begin to worry that perhaps my wii fit run wouldn’t be accepted under the exacting Juneathon rules …”

    You got that right! And don’t go seeking a second opinion from Joggerblogger just because he’s nicer than me.

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  4. I like to count

    Tube station aversion won’t help! I can see Jogblog succeeding at 100 miles, don’t let her have it all her own way! (I reckon being unemployed is a bit of an extreme measure to earn some time to achieve it though, don’t you?!)

  5. warriorwoman Post author

    I definitely think she needs to get a job pronto or I’m stuffed on the first to a 100 miles challenge.

  6. TriGirl Thea

    I cant believe it squeals when you step on it! I’m not certain I would find that very motivating. In fact I think I might be forced to take a screwdriver to its innards, and then see if it has the cheek to tell me its ‘too high!’

    On a side note, Box Hill is lovely isnt it – we skipped the cake shop deliberately. Ryka’s cafe down at the bottom does a mean cup of tea, and my ass totally thanked me for avoiding the date and walnut cake.

  7. warriorwoman Post author

    Ah you’re very good. I have a weakness that explains why the wii screams every time I stand on it.

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