Juneathon – Day 4

By adding a 30 minute run to my morning schedule yesterday, I managed to delay my arrival at work by 1.5 hrs. Not sure how I managed that but it required creative excuse making along the lines of “My gerbil was going blind”. It works, try it.

So last night I went to bed early and I remembered to adjust the alarm. It did no good though. Someone started sending me texts at midnight and once woken I couldn’t ignore the fact that my psycho neighbour downstairs was throwing pans at his girlfriends head. I think she should have left a long time ago, sometime between the end of the bonking period and the start of the “you silly little girl” screaming phase.

In the end I got up later than ever, ignoring all 3 alarms and didn’t manage to squeeze in the Juneathon run. Not wanting to fail at such an early point in the season I decided to run an extended route to my mates this evening, where I was expected for tea.

So today I managed a whole 1 mile of running but probably caught pneumonia for my troubles as I was required to stand in the garden to evaporate before I was allowed in to eat.

Juneathon Tally
Runs: 4/30
Total Distance: 7.4 m

Warriorwoman vs Jogblog 100m Challenge Combo
31.3 miles total

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