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Piccadilly Line Complete

For the last 4 nights I have left work with the declaration, “Right, I’m off to do the Piccadily Line”. Tonight all excuses escaped me and I finally had to knuckle down and get it completed.

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It wasn’t as grueling as I expected, Garmin reported a total distance of 11.6 km but there were a lot of squiggles on the trace so it may have been quite a lot lot less.

Not much running in the proper central London bit, too much risk of being mowed down by a tuk tuk.

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I started upping the pace around Piccadilly Circus as I didn’t want to make myself a sitting target for Eros.

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After the lure of the bookshops on Piccadilly I managed to get a good stint of running done, past the Ritz through the relative oasis of Green Park and then out onto Wellington Arch and the traffic chaos of Knightsbridge.

Salomon XT Wings Challenge

13 Tube Stations
11.57 km

52 Tube Stations
48.13 km
See the combined progress map here.

Juneathon Tally
Runs: 4/30
Total Distance: 14.6 m

Warriorwoman vs Jogblog 100m Challenge Combo
38.5 miles total

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  • Highway Kind 6 June, 2008, 5:36 pm

    A lot of that route must be quite difficult to run with all the people milling around. I am always amazed how unaware a lot of people are of the movement of others. They can be very frustrating as they lurch into your path.

  • warriorwoman 6 June, 2008, 8:21 pm

    You’re right. I just had to chill out from Kings X to The Ritz or I’d just be adding to the background pavement rage. The latter half was fine for running though.

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