A bit of Circle Line


I woke with a stinking cold yesterday but as I was in central London for a meeting I could hardly evade a quick tube running session.

The plan was to tick off the yellow Circle Line, starting at Aldgate.

It seems to me that every photo I’ve taken on the tube map challenge has included either the telecom tower or the Gherkin, I feel like I’m doing a massive maypole dance around the two landmarks. Only its June so I can’t be.

I headed down the Minories of Jack the Ripper fame to The Tower of London and then promptly sat down for a rest.

Tower of London 2

Running this route along the north bank of the Thames is actually quite feasible. The tourists flock to the South bank so you have a relatively unhindered passage and the views are great all the way out along the Embankment.

Unfortunately I had to keep stopping to retrieve tissues from my rucksac and I gave up earlier than anticipated and jumped on the tube home at St James’s Park.

Salomon XT Wings Challenge
10 Tube Stations
7.25 km

81 Tube Stations
71.42 km
See the combined progress map here.

Juneathon Tally
Runs: 8/30
Total Distance: 31.1 m

7 thoughts on “A bit of Circle Line

  1. londonjogger

    71 stations * long whistle* … congrats:)
    how many to go?

  2. londonjogger

    sorry – 81 !! *even longer whistle*

  3. warriorwoman Post author

    81 done.
    Mind you I’m double counting a lot of those. For example Liverpool St got counted twice for the central and H&C lines. Haven’t a clue how many left to go. I keep sitting down to count but then I forget which lines I’ve done and I go cross eyed and give up.

  4. Kieron

    Did you take the photos? Only asking as I know you’re into your gadgets and I wondered which camera you use? I’m after something lightweight and high quality (on a budget!) for the Himalayas.

  5. warriorwoman Post author

    Yes they are my own photos, I’m using the Nokia N82 which has a 5MP camera within the phone. Very good piece of kit.
    Some of the other photos were taken with the Nokia N95 which has a very similar camera but is a touch slower to respond.

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