Trooping the Jubilee Line


I went to London but missed the Queen. I arrived on her doorstep to see a trail of red as the horseguards shot back into their cubby holes.

I set off from West Hampstead and had an unremarkable run down to Central London but as soon as I entered Bond Street an ominous rumbling filled the sky, I looked up and caught sight of a WWII Lancaster Bomber, with a couple of Spitfires in tow. They were rapidly followed by hoards of other military planes that I was unable to recognise.

Turns out it was her birthday and I had narrowly missed the Trooping of the Colour with the celebratory flyover. That probably explains the high density of gents in bowler hats.

Horse Guards

It’s probably just as well that I was a bit late, my route took me straight through the Horse Guards parade and I can’t imagine they would have been too keen on me running through the middle of the trooping.

I’m quite impressed with the jubilee line, for a grey line it’s proved to be pretty colourful. Even without the Battle of Britain re-enactment there seemed to be a photo opportunity round every corner and now have a picture of a Beefeater and the London Eye on my phone, I think I can claim to be a true tourist.


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6 thoughts on “Trooping the Jubilee Line

  1. jogblog

    By the time you’ve finished your challenge, I reckon you’ll be a fully qualified tourist guide.

  2. Suzan - SHS1

    At risk of being Mrs Picky of Pickyville I cannot let you and jogblog continue with this lack of london knowledge. People from far and wide read this!

    That soldier with the bearskin hat is very attractive but is not a Beefeater – soldiers from 5 regiments guard Buckingham Palace and perform the changing of the guard duties. Beefeaters are the old chaps retired from the forces who live at the Tower of London, count ravens, guard the crown jewels and stuff.

    So what line do you have to run to get a photo of a real Beefeater??

  3. Highway Kind

    I love the view from Waterloo Bridge. I used to ccyle over it every morning. Some days the City on onside would have a silvery sparkle whilst Parliament would have a golden glow.

    Your right the Jubilee line goes through some interesting places. it is always surprising how near places are when you are on the surface. On the tube you think you are travelling much further.

  4. warriorwoman Post author

    Oh dear, fired from my new career at such an early stage.

    I’ve checked it out and can tell you my Beefeater is actually a Queen’s Guard of the Welsh Guards variety – he has a swanky little leek on his collar and has his buttons grouped in 5’s.

    More useful and accurate London info can be found here:

    I do still have a picture of a Beefeater on my phone though, I just got it on the Circle Line route.

  5. Speed Racer

    This is actually kind of exciting. When do you get to see Mary Poppins, or did I already miss that post?

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