Delayed Confession

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll be aware that my Salomon XT Wings challenge – to run the central London tube map – ended in the middle of last week, and since then I’ve been suspiciously quiet about it.

At the time of my last posting, I had two more lines left to complete and only one day left to do it. Not being of the easily defeated variety, I left work all togged up for running, took two buses and two tubes, battled across multiple time zones and arrived at 7:30pm to a drizzly evening in a grim, grey location. The only point of brightness and colour was a large golden M on the other side of the street. I’m ashamed to say I trogged across that road and gorged myself on a big mac meal before returning to the tube station to reverse the journey back home.

Hours of my evening wasted and zero miles added to my tally.

So here’s what my map should have looked like:
The Salomon Challenge

and here’s what I managed:

Salomon XT Wings Challenge

I think I may well go back and finish this off at a later date, the Victoria line picks through some great spots and I’d like to see it completed. For now though, I am just happy to return to my runs along the river, where I can roll out of bed and set off running without first having to share bugs with London’s sick in an overcrowded train carriage.

Salomon XT Wings Challenge
104 Tube Stations
92.56 km

3 thoughts on “Delayed Confession

  1. OGB

    You did more than I would have. A lot more. And got free stuff for it…

  2. Karen

    Very fine effort!! Very effort indeed old chap!! Well done all the same… what oh!!

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