Running Over Old Ground

The race packs seem to be dropping thick and fast through the letter box this week, after the painfully slow 5k at the weekend I came home and opened an envelope to discover I was entered in the Great Capital 10k in just 2 weeks time. Goodness knows when I signed up for that, I hadn’t bothered to note it in my diary anyway.

I’m thinking that’s its probably impossible to turn around the worst ever 5k race time within the space of 2 weeks given a backdrop of 5 months of lacklustre training, but I’ve got to do something to ensure I don’t collapse before the finish line. I’ve therefore embarked on a 2 week anti-Stella campaign to be combined with regularish running commutes.

JogBlog is not the only one completing an old new running commute, I’ve shifted jobs yet again and am right back where I started with the very first running commute of 18 months ago. Happily I’ve picked up a bit of local knowledge over the months and can now get from asylum to home with barely any need to run on the grotty streets, it also seems to save me 500 metres which is no good as it ruins my perfect 10 k route.

Garmin Forerunner 405

Running along the edge of assorted waterways provides plenty of opportunity for water related incidents and playing around with the forerunner 405 touch bezel does not reduce the likelihood. I stumbled over some barge docking related paraphenalia but managed to steady myself in a rather sturdy clump of stinging nettles. I’m still itching but I did discover a rather cool new screen on the forerunner.

It the HR graph option and shows your heart rate displayed on a backdrop of HR zones. Quite neat but probably only useful if you are doing intervals, for most of my run it appeared as a flat line between zones 4 and 5. The photo was taken after I stopped.

Distance: 9.58km
Time: 1:22:00

11 thoughts on “Running Over Old Ground

  1. Runner Leana

    Your race packets come in the mail? I’m envious that you can run-commute in to work. What a great way to always get that run in!

  2. Highway Kind

    Stinging nettles are the curse of canal running.

    I am always impressed by anybody who does a running commute. So well done, a good 10k time should be assured.

  3. claire

    Like your running watch gadget. I am considering investing in some gadgets for my bike…would be nice to know how far/how fast/heart rate etc…

  4. warriorwoman

    RL – how else do race packs come? Don’t tell me you have to queue before the race?

    jogblog – I have no idea but I am excluding essential networking events and birthdays, so if I manage 7 clear days I’ll declare it a success.

    Claire – you definitely need a gadget and a spreadsheet and while you’re at it why don’t you get a wetsuit and you can come and join me and Dan – it’s only a short flight.

  5. Darrell

    Hi WW,

    With the new Garmin watch what are the real pros and cons that you’ve discovered compared to the Forerunner 305?

    Good luck for the anti-Stella challenge and future race!


  6. Jo

    Yes I’m doing the Bupa Great Capital 10k – it crept up on me too! Hence the vague effort this week to do some exercise. Unfortunately I overdid it on the Swiss ball at the gym yesterday, and it hurts to sneeze today – which is a bugger, given the pollen count.

    Happy commuting – I’m not sure I would ever be disciplined enough to do the 10 miles to from my office to flat…

  7. warriorwoman Post author

    Well Darrell that’s quite a tough question, I know you’ve already seen my review so you’re after an update.

    If you are in the market for a GPS running watch, this is the leader in my opinion but as for pros and cons of the 405 vs 305 here goes:


    Faster GPS pick up, I’ve seen responses within seconds even when I’m moving but it is still not perfect. In heavily built up areas of London the reception is slow.

    Louder volume on the beep/alarm so you can actually use it for interval training.

    You can wear it as a watch all day – should last about 2 weeks before charging.

    There are a lot of new screens available and it is very easy to adjust – more intuitive than the 305.

    You can adjust the speed of the virtual training partner while you are on the run.

    Easy wireless upload.

    Smaller, lighter and more inconspicuous.


    Sometimes the bezel seems to be a little unresponsive, so if I tap the edge to get to a different screen it may not respond, so I tap again and eventually it goes crazy and skips thru multiple screens.

    Because I don’t want the useless training centre on my computer I have to be quick if I want to upload the run to Sportstracks, as it doesn’t seem to save the file on my pc.

    Not many cons really but maybe I’ll to them later.

  8. Faithful Soles

    Running can be a really strange thing as I have learned over the years. I have had numerous races where I did horribly, then in a very short time period turned it around and had great races to follow. Hang in there, you will do fine.

  9. Darrell

    Hey WW,

    Thanks for the update; marketing blurb always sings praises so a real review by a fellow runner is invaluable. The bezel issue I’m sure will be fixed with a future update, so it sounds good, but not a compelling pay for upgrade from my existing 305. Garmin should hurry up and buy Sportstracks as it’s so superior in every way!! I only use Training Centre for uploading courses, nothing else.


  10. Speed Racer

    Oh, you’ll do great at that 10K. Let’s just say you’re “well rested” after your “worst ever 5K”. And a “Personal Worst” is just another kind of PR. Anyway, I can’t wait to hear about it. Hopefully this time I’ll understand what you’re saying.

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