Great Capital Run

As is usual for race day, I wake up grumpy as hell and immediately text OGB to remind him that he is entirely responsible for all that is wrong with the world – he replies with something outrageously abusive.

A quick look back over previous race reports ought to be enough to remind me why I keep entering these torments, I start off moaning like Victor Meldrew and by the end I’m beaming from ear to ear as if I’m in love with the world. Of course it’s easy to be philosophical and upbeat while the endorphins are still coursing through the bloodstream.

I’m still a little grouchy in the starting pen so I fumble around with my garmin to take my mind off things and then have a last minute panic with my playlist. Last night I acquired 18 Joan Armatrading cd’s which I felt would be sufficient to see me to the finish regardless of how slowly I ran, but after the first couple of tracks I decided I’d made a big, depressing mistake so switched to the backup of “The Talented Mr Ripley” – an audiobook.

When the starter claxon goes off for my wave the garmin has flitted from the training screen and so ignores my start button pressing, approximately 400m later I get the thing ticking. This isn’t the last of my problems with the garmin though, at the first water station some guy dive bombs from a diagonal trajectory, swipes the bottle that I’m just about to close my palm around and presses the stop button on my watch. I would have liked to lob a few bottles in his direction but by the time I’d set the watch recording again he’d disappeared.


I think the route was exactly the same as the very first Nike Run London event we ever did, a swirly number around the Serpentine in Hyde Park. There is plenty of doubling back on yourself so for quite a long time you can see runners from earlier waves coming towards you, it’s quite unsettling seeing the pros, my god do they push hard! I spent some time hugging the edge trying to spot OGB but he was obviously lagging a little bit behind the big boys.

Talking of big boys, I was belly barged by a trio of inflated sumo wrestlers. They were running three-abreast and built up quite an intimidating crescendo of flapping air blubber.

Great Capital Run - Race Bling

By the 7k marker I was starting to feel the lurve, the race photos are going to look awful with me smiling like a gormless loon and for the last 2k I ended up with a flag in my hand which I proceeded to twirl like a helicopter til the end.

I finished in something like 78 mins which is probably my slowest 10k time but I’m happy with it as I was doubtful of breaking 80 mins before I started.

Great race bling and a smashing buzz as ever from the great run series.

The afternoon was spent drinking and wandering around outdoor shops in an attempt to buy essential camping gear for our Great North Swim adventure.

8 thoughts on “Great Capital Run

  1. Adele

    Well done! How rude of that drinks station man, hopefully he poured his drink down the wrong way or something 😉

    I’m trying to remember if I did the first Nike 10k in Hyde Park, what colour were the t-shirts? Maybe my first was the Richmond Park one with blue t-shirts…

  2. Stevie

    Hi, I tried to find a contact email address for you, but couldn’t find one.
    I’m trying to find womens sports blogs written by women and am finding it surprisingly hard! Wondered if you have any that you recommend?

    I’m a fashion blogger and really don’t know a lot about the sporting side of things, so was hoping that you could help. My email is if it would be at all possible for you to maybe send me a couple of links? I’d be very grateful!

    Thanks, Stevie

  3. warriorwoman

    Adele, I meant it was the first RunLondon event that I did. It was only 2 years ago and was the North vs South orange and green t-shirt thing.
    I wish I was running when the first one started, I think there have been quite a few haven’t there?

  4. Adele

    I feel like I’ve run more than I have actually – probably just the one in Richmond Park (which was lovely, saw Paula Radcliffe very close up) – light blue shirts – and the one in Surrey Quays area with glow in the dark shirts – that one was rubbish as I don’t run very well in the evening and it was very pushy-shovy.

  5. Speed Racer

    “beaming from ear to ear as if I’m in love with the world”, are you sure? After running? Really?

    I would have kicked that bottle guy in the nuts. What a jerk! I hope the sumos took a solid minute off his time. Jerk!

  6. Emma

    Yes, I think he deserved a kick in the goolies too! A friend knows a guy who was banned from the FLM cos he deliberately knocked over a whole tray of cups of water just because the marshalls didn’t pass him one straight into his hand as he ran past. And bow, and roll out a red carpet for him too. Probably.

  7. Highway Kind

    Congratulations on the run and ending it beaming and feeling happy.

    If I had had my drink swiped by some lout and then been bumped by a sumo I would still be a little grumpy

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