Knit One, Pearl One

Richmond Hill

My running seems to be oscillating wildly between run one, love one, hate one. Today was time for another “love one”, thankfully.

I wish you could tell how you’re going to feel before you set off, when I get a duff run I feel like throwing in the towel and quitting, these are runs to avoid. Today I felt the starting of a cold so nearly didn’t bother going out but it turned out to be the sort of run that keeps me buzzing about the sport for ages. I’ve set myself up for a good weekend now I’m sure.

I drew up my half-marathon plan a few weeks ago and opted for a simple Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday plan. I hit problems the moment I transferred this to my pre-existing diary full of appointments (be-fitting my social butterfly status). Training plans clashed with life this weekend as I’m heading off to the coast to try out my wetsuit. This is a vital arrangement as I haven’t been in the pool since December and need to see if the 1 mile open water carnage otherwise known as the Great North Swim is a viable option.

So, running plans were randomly jiggled and resulted in me having to go out and pull off a 7-miler.

7 miles is an awkward distance for me. My commute is a perfect 6-miler and not much would persuade me to run half a mile beyond my final destination and back again. My other running routes tend to involve ever increasing loops of the Thames but the river fording points are limited and so throw up huge psychological tests or bridges that I seem too weak to resist.

I opted to run as far as I could away from my flat and then loop back round through Richmond Park. I loaded SteppenWolf onto the iPod and fortunately it kept me occupied for about 4 miles before I realised I hadn’t a flipping clue what was going on. By that time I’d reached the point of no return and had no choice but to push on forward.

I find it a little concerning that I have to actively mess with my own head in order to achieve simple training plans but I won’t lose sleep over it. At least I’ve found another good route with limited options for bailing out.

Right, I’m off to the seaside.

4 thoughts on “Knit One, Pearl One

  1. kathy

    That’s when “Past the point of no return” from Phantom kicks in. Luckily I don’t remember all the words, so it kicks out. 🙂 Hope you had fun at the seaside.

  2. Highway Kind

    It is odd how we have these mental blockages. Finding strategies to cope is all part of the fun. After a time these strategies become normal and you don’t notice them. For example I run in the morning because I used to prevaricate until I could no longer be bothered. Now morning seems the natural time to run.

  3. Speed Racer

    You’re a smart lady, so I’m sure you’ve figured this out already and have a very good reason for not doing it, but have you thought of tacking on in the MIDDLE of a run you need to lengthen? Like, let’s say you’re running home in a straight line, at about mile 2 run 5 blocks to the right, make a left, and then run the 5 blocks back to your original rout. Duh! I know, right?

    So you are planning on swimming a mile after not swimming in 8 months!!! You win the badass unprepared award! Damn!

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