Nike Humanrace and Waterlogged Gadgets

Saturday evening, after entertaining my family with a slightly charred roast lamb joint but a perfectly acceptable bottle of vino (or two), I get an email from Nike. Apparently, if I could resurrect the long dead Nike+ Sportband, and push my sorry arse out of the door, complete with Sunday morning hangover, to complete a 10k of my choosing, I would soon be the proud owner of a freebie Nike Humanrace t-shirt.

Hard to resist a freebie t-shirt, so I left my visitors to rustle up their own breakfast and arranged to meet them in Kew Gardens approx 1hrs 20mins later.


Lovely day for running, providing you don’t have a pointy head or too much body jewellery.

I have a particularly round head and enjoy running through electrical storms and downpours but I was surprised to see quite so many other water babies running along the river. I searched for signs of commitment to the global humanrace but saw none, it seems that some folk don’t need freebies to run.

3 months on the sub-bench allowed the Nike+ Sportband to dry out sufficiently for me to read the screen again, but I thought it prudent to spin the screen round to the underside of my wrist to provide a little water protection. Pity I didn’t do the same for the garmin forerunner 405!

A few weeks ago I had a comment on my forerunner 405 review, warning me of short-circuiting type responses when the garmin bezel gets wet. Apparently a few reviewers had commented on the bezel bleeping and flicking through screens randomly when exposed to water or sweat. I was quick to reject that the forerunner 405 had a problem but I should have kept my mouth shut.

Running through this downpour left my watch bleeping like crazy as I tried to stop the timer and move it off the training mode. In the end I had to wait for it to run out of battery life to switch off. Serious design flaw here.

I’ve had the forerunner 405 for a few months now and as it’s pretty much rained non-stop throughout the whole of summer, I find it hard to believe that I didn’t notice the problem earlier. I’m wondering if it could possibly be related to the recent firmware I downloaded – doesn’t really sound like a software issue but I’ve upgraded to the latest update just in case.

7 thoughts on “Nike Humanrace and Waterlogged Gadgets

  1. Speed Racer

    Shitty! Well now you know, and in the future you can use that sexy free t-shirt that they send you to tie around your wrist to protect your Garmin. Sure, you won’t be able to see it, or hear it, or touch it, but at least you won’t have wasted hundred of dollars (or pounds, or whatever) on a piece of sports equipment that can’t handle sweat!

  2. Melanie

    oh no. that does suck. i certainly am glad that i came across your blog, but you should let Garmin know your thoughts and have them put you on their payroll for their next version! i wanted to do that race here as well, even though they weren’t giving any shirts in Toronto, but stress fractures prevented me. hopefully it’ll become an annual thing 🙂

  3. Highway Kind

    So thats the Nike sportsband and the 405 that are not sufficiently waterproof. Obviously they have their R&D departments in the wrong place. They need to relocate to Manchester.

    Congratulations on surviving the rain by the way – it was horrible. I didn’t do as well as you and returned home very miserable.

  4. Runner Leana

    I’d run for a free t-shirt, in the rain if need be as well! Hmm, I’ve heard of a lot of problems with the 405 so I think I may just stick with my 305 for now… Sorry to hear yours was so unhappy in the rain!

  5. myironshoes

    Oh no! And I just ordered the 405 to replace my rs200sd. Definitely not good news but thanks for the heads up. I also ran in the human race. But in my part of the world we didn’t get a free t-shirt. Just free shocks. Well free is free so it’s all good. 🙂
    Really do enjoy reading your blog . Just thought it was time to at least say hello and thank you for your stories.

  6. warriorwoman Post author

    Welcome! I don’t think it’s a deal breaker with the 405 but still an annoyance. Have to say though that the rs200d is a very good running watch, the pace info is much better than with a garmin but at least now you’ll have all the map data and more detailed history.
    I’m going to check your blog now.

  7. jogblog

    That’s not fair. They didn’t email me with promises of free t-shirts.

    What was your time? And how’s the half marathon training going? As well as mine perhaps?!

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