Here I Am

I’ve been quiet for a while but I’m still out here, running and swimming a bit.

Swimming is still my biggest concern, I made it to the pool on Sunday thinking I’d sneak in a mile but I got bored and bruised after 1 km and called it quits. I was trapped in an anticlockwise convoy and every time I made a move to overtake the breaststroker in the group she would wait til I approached her shoulder and then dislocate her hip in order to give me a good sharp kick in the tits. I suppose I should prepare myself for much worse in the open water melee.

No more time for prep though, I’m just packing my bag for the long trek up North to the start of the Great North Swim. I’m a little apprehensive but that’s no surprise, I’m always in a state of dread before the big day.

The event report will follow but in the meantime I’m going to share the latest “Here I am” video from NikeWomen. They are publishing a series of animated films highlighting the mental and physical journey of a series of high profile athletes. The one below is of the triple jumper Simona La Mantia, it’s pretty good – moving, strong and it quite makes me wish I could jump above the clouds.

I’m looking forward to the one from sprinter Nicola Sanders which will be released shortly.

5 thoughts on “Here I Am

  1. Karin

    I hate breaststroking swimmers and trying to overtake them 🙂 I have that same issue at my local pool every morning that I make it to the pool.

    Good luck on the Great North Swim!

  2. Celeste

    Hmmmmm, we have different ideas of “not blogging for a while”.

    Glad to hear things still progress for you. I noticed the 100 push up thingy and rather fancied I’d give it a shot myself. So I jumped on the website but you need to be able to do at least ONE. Oh dear.

  3. Culture Vulture

    Your anticlockwise vortex of hell sounds familiar.
    I hate swiming in lanes – you always have to go at someone else’s pace.
    Free-for-all is better.
    I hope you had a good Great North.

  4. speed Racer

    I wish my legs were too long!

    Good luck this weekend (although I’m sure it’s already over, so I hope it went well!). I think that the breaststroke should be illegal for just that reason. Next time, use your phenomenal open water skills to swim over her. Here’s how:

    Swim up behind her until your head is about level with her butt: she will not kick you in the face because her hips have surely dropped.
    On your next stroke, make sure your hand falls directly on her shoulders. Grab ahold, and dig your nails in just for effect.
    Begin to push her towards the bottom of the pool with your front hand while your free hand comes around and lands on the other shoulder. Give her more nail.
    Shove her deep down underwater and use her body as leverage to propel yourself forward. This is the same motion that you use when pulling yourself out of the water without the ladder.
    Pee in the pool as you swim away so that she has to swim through it.

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