Study Avoidance Run

OGB and Pint

After any major event, of Great North proportions, me and OGB have a tendency to gather around a pint and discuss our potential prowess for next year.

So this year, as with last year incidentally, we planned to maintain our new found half marathon fitness by running at least 10 miles every week, thereby avoiding that tiresome fitness building phase before the next one. I also remember him suggesting we lose some weight, and while he couldn’t lose a stone without panicking his mother, I could easily afford to shed 5 of em, nevertheless I just nodded at him and ordered the next couple of pints.

Two weeks on from the beery bravado, I haven’t heard any hint of OGB sticking to the long distance running plan, he has however sent me begging requests to run another half in a foreign land. And he calls me expensive!

Although I’d planned a day of sheer indulgence, pouring over one of my accountancy text books, I was eventually shamed into heading out for my promised 10-miler. In fairness, I had also run out of other study avoidance techniques, there were literally no more clothes left to wash and iron and there really is a limit to the number of times you can scrub a bathroom sink.

I received a bit of stick from SHS1 in my last post, regarding my choice of running playlists. I think she may have hit the nail on the head really.

In retrospect, I feel some what betrayed by my body and the internal slob for last weeks failure to complete. Despite allowing both of them to convince me that I was facing imminent internal melt down, the predicted muscle damage failed to rear it’s head last week at all. I didn’t wince even slightly as I bounded down the stairs the next morning. That strikes me as a major cop out and I feel like the pair of them (body and slob) ganged up on me in a fairly outrageous fashion. Had they had a little private conflab, then come back to me with the view that the legs couldn’t be arsed to carry me any further and the slob was no longer having fun and just wanted to go home and play with the new computer, then I think I would have been quite reasonable about it.

In the absence of anyone else to blame then I have no alternative but to pick on the playlist. I started the Royal Parks Half with some fairly upbeat tunes but despite sticking somewhere near 60 songs on my list, they had run out by 10 miles. Then I had to scavenge through my iPod in desperation. There were no unplayed episodes of the Archers so I had to head to the audiobook section and the only unheard remnant in there was “Pontoon” by Garrison Keillor. I rest my case. That guy can induce a coma within 3 minutes, it’s a miracle I managed to push another mile out of those mutinous legs.

So today I refreshed my running inspiration and trogged up to Richmond Bridge and back.

    Hip’s Don’t Lie – Shakira
    Pon De replay – Rihanna
    Jesus, Take the Wheel – Carrie Underwood
    Jump – Madonna
    Push the Button – Sugababes
    Never Give Up – Melissa Ferrick
    Ready to Run – Dixie Chicks
    I Run For life – Melissa Etheridge
    I’m not Dead – Pink
    Run – Amy MacDonald
    Breathe – Melissa Etheridge
    Runaway – Pink
    Get This Party Started – Pink

Of course 13 songs didn’t keep me going for 10 miles – I had to listen to that lot at least 4 times, so if I try that for another long run I’ll probably be chucking my iPod in the Thames.

4 thoughts on “Study Avoidance Run

  1. Laser Runner

    I have a 1GB iPod and lot more than that, of songs in one directory on the PC called, “running”. The PC random syncs onto the iPod and the iPod shuffles them about so that the next song is always a surprise. It stops me getting bored with the same old songs.

  2. Suzan - SHS1

    I think you are on to something!

    These sound much more like it – time to fight back against the body / slob combo with some songs. Now spend the next drunken eve at home on Itunes downloading upbeat tracks and off you go……

    That new Pink “start a fight” track is so annoyingly catchy it must be good for a few miles…………….

  3. Roads

    Running by No Doubt. That works. Surprisingly.

    A few too many birthdays ago, I have to say. And thanks for the good wishes you sent last week, BTW.

    How You Remind Me by Nickelback is my current crisis motivator of choice. I’ve got to work through that new album of theirs sometime soon.

    Meanwhile, and looking at your playlist, I’d agree that poppybeat slush has its uses (no offence, except to The Sugababes).

    But if truth be told, it’s very hard to beat Thrash Metal when the rubber runs off the road.

  4. warriorwoman

    ‘ve just discovered so I can try out all those suggestions – cheers.
    You can also stick the global tag “running” into the listen box and hear everyone else’s idea of good running music.

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