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I wasn’t going to blog today but as both JogBlog and FitArtist have made the admirable commitment to blog everyday this month, about anything and everything, I thought the least I could do was blog about a bone-fide run, even if it was short one.

Their challenge is entitled NaBloPoMo which is perfectly explained in Cathy’s post. She may call herself a pedant but today it rang too many bells as I sat in an accountancy lecture listening to the tutor attempt to simplify the functions of Internal Audit with the mnemonic (or is it acronym?) ISACSRACE. That apparently stands for, Independent, Systematic, Analysis, Controls, Systems, Records, Adequate, Complete, Exist. What the heck does that lot mean and how does it help me with internal audit?!

I’ve got about 10 days before the exam and am wasting this evening trying to decide whether to spend the next week commiting that helpful little snippet to memory – well actually I’m not, because I’m going for a run instead! 7 hours of that sort of rubbish and I need to break free!

Accountants are crap at mnemonics, medics on the otherhand are the undisputed masters, how about: “Some Lovers Try Positions That They Can’t Handle”?

This helps you remember the carpal bones (in the hand) from proximal to distal row, both lateral-to-medial: Scaphoid, Lunate, Triquetrium, Pisiform, Trapezium, Trapezoid, Capate, Hamate.
Pure Quality!

Joy of Paraffin

Although it may be good I have to admit that I couldn’t remember it, and had to google “dirty medical mnemonics” to trigger my memory, but you can bet in another 15 years I won’t be going to so much trouble to remember the functions of internal audit.

Anyway, back to my run. Did I mention that I went for a run today? A whole 3 miles! Split in the middle with an allotment inferno of gargantuan proportions. So you could say I did two runs today!
Impressive or what?

6 thoughts on “Reasons to Blog

  1. Adele

    Well, I’m impressed 😉

    …interested to know what else your search coughed up!

  2. Suzan - SHS1

    That was one mean fire – that potato wouldhave been crisps in no time!

  3. Karen

    Well done on your run today – I didn’t make it/ bother and now forever jealous!

    As for accountants do bad mnemonics… couldn’t agree more but way back when I did my exams (which was ..oh my… like more then a decade ago… YIKES… when did my life happen…)… anyhow… back then I did make up lots of them (they were all quite rubbish)… but they did help, particularly on audit (which is SO DULL the only thing to do is make up mnemonics!!)


  4. Karen

    Actually just seen your today run was two days ago.. .and I did a run on the 4th so no longer jealous of having missed one….. although if you did do one today then my initial statement stands!! If you get my drift!

  5. Speed Racer

    Man, I should have gone to med school! Not only would I be making a lot more money, but I could tell my friends my cool mnemonics in bars, call it studying, and maybe pick up a chick or two with my sexy medical jargon. As it is, when you study languages you just have to learn the whole word and then make up the cheeky sentences yourself.

    Blogging every day for a month?! That sounds horrible!!! I mean, great news for us, but when will you ever find time to read about ME when you’re writing about yourself all the time?! I’m pretty sure that a life without me is just not worth living.

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