Good For Nothing

I got accused of mis-selling myself this morning. It seems that I have a record of portraying myself as an active sort who is known to occasionally entertain with stories of puddle running, cold water immersion and wholesale slug annihilation, but who now seems to have turned into a bit of a lazy good for nothing. Albeit a grinning, happy, good for nothing.

Despite managing to accidentally close off my last post to feedback, the most tenacious of my readers still managed to get through and post astute comments, some of which could be paraphrased as: “stop enjoying yourself and get running again!” So with a definite theme emerging from the outside world it seemed like the time had come to re-acquaint myself with myself, and that means running, gardening and blogging.

The non-runner valiantly offered (actually under duress so it may not count as valiant) to become a cyclist for the afternoon and drag me around the river for 4.5 miles until we arrived at the allotment – in time for garlic planting. It must have been exactly 3 weeks since my last run and that was only a titchy one so I was desperately in need of dragging.

Running is so tough, I can’t imagine why anyone would do it really.

10 thoughts on “Good For Nothing

  1. Laser Runner

    If you look back through your older blogs you’ll see how much satisfaction you got from the races. It’s tough to get out in the cold but you’ll feel so much better when you get back from a run, and it seems so much warmer indoors.

    Can you give us some details about the garlic in the meantime – is it to discourage the non-runner or are you worried about vampires. What else are you growing at the moment ?

  2. Laser Runner

    ……just read your slug post – yuk. If you arranged to run at the allotment you could squish the slugs as you do 47 circuits of your patch !

  3. Suzan - SHS1

    Never thought you could go this long without a run or a blog especially with the lovely low winter sunshine making those mornings gleam but I agree with Emma!

    Do we need another run on the horizon to aim / train for and provide amusing tales? Any ideas?!

  4. tessie

    After all that running I am surprised that you have the energy to go digging carrots etc. How about going to Sainsbury’s and saving on batteries, what you spend on batteries could pay for the vegetables? London night life, I am sure there are better things to do in London rather than spend the evening in wellies and digging, you really must get out more!!!

  5. warriorwoman

    Thanks for that link, it brought back some memories, not that I could ever be accused of sprinting.

    I can’t believe he stopped to put on a jacket and hat in the middle of a 5k race though. It only lasted 16 mins, surely anyone can put up with a bit of drizzle for that length of time.

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