Excess Offset


The non-runner dragged me out on another run this Saturday, and I mean literally dragged. I clung on to her belt for dear life as she tried to master pace setting on the bike. It’s obviously fairly tricky cycling at my running pace and more practice is clearly required. I’m pretty sure that we hit the giddy heights of 8 minute miles on some of the down hill sections. I couldn’t verify it on the garmin as any downward glances were destined to lead to messy “running shoe – in – bike spoke – acrobatics”.

It gave my lungs an unaccustomed workout though and my legs couldn’t believe what was happening to them.

By Monday the legs were moaning in that positively satisfying, muscle torn way. Every time I had to stand up I’d feel a rush of self-satisfaction and accept another Quality Street, safe in the knowledge that I jolly well deserved it.

That got me thinking today. How much better would Christmas feel if I dragged myself up on Chrimble morn to feel the achy thighs of a self-righteous, long distance, runner? I could hobble down stairs and start on the nuts from the crack of dawn and not even feel a hint of guilt at my festive excesses. Excellent plan. So I headed out this morning for quickish pootle along the river to M&S to buy nuts. At 2 miles it perhaps doesn’t count as a long distance run but I’m hoping I did it fast enough for my legs to ache and provide the necessary sacrifice for bone-fide excess offsetting.

7 thoughts on “Excess Offset

  1. Laser Runner

    Love the Quality Street comment – I had to tidy up some crisps using the excuse that I’d been for a run

  2. Ulyana

    Hmmm, this is my second try posting. Just wanted to say that I just discovered your blog, and I really like it! Keep running & writing!


  3. Buy Stemulite

    Running Christmas morning? Nice job! I bet the rest of the day felt magnificent. I agree completely with you regarding the guilt you did not have to deal with following your run. Me, on the other hand, well…I ate to much and did nothing all day. For shame! Maybe next year…

  4. Speed Racer

    Speed work!!! That’s a great way to do it! Some people just run as fast as they can for no reason. Some of the more zealous (and out-of-touch with reality) ones pretend they’re running from a pack of wolves. But running away from a renegade bicycle on a downward pitch at the risk of being hit and looking like a fool in public is a FAR better reason to run fast if you ask me. Pretty soon you’ll be able to run away from faster and faster cyclists!

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