While Not Running

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t run an awful lot of late, in fact if you want to be reasonably precise, I have run only once in the last month, which also happens to equate to once this year. How neat.

If we want to be 100% precise it could be argued that I’ve run a few more times than I’ve let on, for example, I may have attempted the occassional dash to the bus away from work and I sprinted to the train station last night after my blood doning session but all in all the consequences were ugly and should remain hidden from public conciousness.

I feel like I’m taking confession and will have to start with the hail Mary’s soon but in my defence, I do have some excuses.

For one thing, as the last two months of my fairly sparse blog writing will attest, I am far too happy for running. Running appeals to the miserable side of me, it’s the perfect alternative to a pack of Benson and Hedges and bottle of JD. Mind you it also appeals to the exceptionally jolly side of me as well, so maybe that’s not such a good excuse after all.

Secondly, and this one has to be foolproof, I’m working on a ridiculous placement that means I have to travel between 4 and 5 hours every day.
Not a chance that I feel like running after all that nonsense.

Still, there is light at the end of the tunnel. I have secured myself a proper job, midway between happiness and home and I forsee many exciting new routes ahead of me, incorporating the best of London’s seedy commons and the highly rated Wandle trail. Expect updates of the running variety in March.

In the mean time, what better way to spend one’s non-running time, than by analysing data from runs gone by?

RunSaturday is new website stacked full of new and intriguing ways to analyse data held across multiple sites and generated by multiple gadgets. I’ve been able to bring together runs from my Garmin Forerunner 405, Nike+, Nokia Sportstracker along with all my historical runs stored on SportsTracks. I can also bring in runs manually entered onto Fetcheveryone and analyse my stats from the Saturday morning 5k park runs.

All this makes RunSaturday the most comprehensive database of my running shame prowess, which is quite a lot of fun because the site provides loads of ways to share the data across social websites such as facebook and personal blogs.

Here’s a particularly ancient route showing the mammoth run/walk I did along the Capital Ring. If you click on the heart symbol you’ll see a colour coded route indicating the specific heart rate zones during the run. You can see similar images for speed but as I’m a one speed wonder you’ll have to upload your own interval workouts to see rainbows in this feature.

There seem to be loads of new features coming along, so I’d recommend checking it out for yourself. I’ll add more images from the site just as soon I manage another run but don’t hold your breath til March.

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9 thoughts on “While Not Running

  1. andrew

    great! a new post! I’ve been waiting to read what you’ve been upto for ages! It’s fantastic that you’ve a new job closer to home so you can do more running! Keep it up, will be checking back from more updates soon! ATB, Andrew

  2. Speed Racer

    They sound like perfectly good excuses to me.

    What’s that little green squiggle at the top of that one graph? Is there something stuck to my screen? Is that a graphical representation of what it looks like to be happy?

    I’m glad life is going well. I finally got my plane ticket, so I’ll be seeing you in May! I’ll be in London for the day on April 30, and then back the 21-28 of May.

  3. Speed Racer

    OMG!!! And it’s compatible with Macs!!!

    Goodbye stinky, slow 10-year-old PC! I can finally upload my stuff on the good computer!

  4. Hollywood

    Thanks for the lovely writeup WW!

    I’m hoping to build on more and more support for extra blog features – and it’s so nice to see the tools in use outside of the site – e.g. take a look at what BeerMatt’s started – http://matt-96.blogspot.com/

    One other feature I’ve also just added is a map builder – which is also totally iframeable inside your own blogs – e.g. take a look at this profile of a nice easy cycle ride http://lodge.stuart.googlepages.com/examplepage

    Plug over…. now stop working and go for a run!

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