My general lack of running has been noted and rather strangely rewarded by the nice people at fitnessfootwear, who kindly offered me an alternative route to fitness in the form of a pair of fitflop sandals.

If you check out the fitflop website you’ll find it littered with comments, from happy feet owners, claiming that the fit flop has “changed my life” amongst other such accolades.

My pair sat on the shoe rack for a few weeks, trying to shoulder up to all the unused running shoes, and left my life resolutely unaltered. I took them out this weekend though, and then sat back to wait for the epiphany.

They have micro wobble boards.
I like the sound of that, it sounds so sporty, at least until I sit down again to ponder their purpose.

If you place the flop on a flat surface it wobbles too and fro but as soon as I apply my bulk they flatten out quick smart. Of course that may not be the bulk at work, perhaps my myriad core muscles have kicked in and stabilized the whole show. Maybe, just by standing on their bed of lovely cushioned wobble boards I am saving myself the bother of attending my pilates classes.

Let’s hope so because I can’t really do much more than stand in them. Walking proved to be a rather peculiar battle. I felt like someone had switched the pavement on and I had to run along on my tip toes just to keep up.

I suppose that could be their design, or perhaps they are just too big for me.
I’ll wait a little longer for this epiphany.

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