Running from the In-Laws with the Sony W Series Walkman

Easter is about chocolate, lots of, and family stuff and as the latter involved a weekend at the in-laws with loads of artificially enhanced kids, it also turns out to be fairly conducive to running.

I haven’t been very successful with my running recently so I was grateful that we were in the flatlands of Lincolnshire and that it was a delightfully drizzly day. Here’s my 10k out and back route along the canal:


Sony Walkman

I was sent the latest Sony Walkman W Series to test out the other day.

It came bundled with a playlist designed to either inspire or drive me nuts, with the challenge laid down for me to create my own inspirational running ensemble.

The new Walkman is an interesting looking gadget, minimal and stylish in a Dr Spock kind of fashion. It clips apart neatly to sit around your neck with no extraneous wires to get tangled up in your arms or t-shirt.

I’ve been through a fair few headphones and mp3 systems in my time. It started with the iPod nano with assorted headphones – the best being the ubiquitous lime green Sennheiser PMX80 running headphones and then moved on to the chunky, yet delightful, iPhone. The iPhone coincided with loads of tube commuting time so I shifted to the excellent Sennheiser CX500’s, great for private listening on crowded trains but outrageously irritating now I’ve gone back to the running commute – I have to stop every couple of steps to disentangle the cables.

So, now I’ve got my hands on the Sony W Series mp3 Walkman, all my separate headphones are defunct. I have to admit to not having much of a musical ear but to my mind this unit has the best sound quality yet. The integral headphones seem to sit quite deeply into your ear and the sound is excellent. Mind you the playlist had a few dodgy tracks, rather heavy reliance on the synthesiser and some sounded like they were recorded from the bowels of a coke can but I’m sure that was how they were meant to sound. It’s quite fun running to someone elses playlist but I’m looking forward to getting some “quality” music on board to really test them out.

Sony W Series Walkman

I found them very comfortable, although I did feel like a prize tool running along in them – you can get them in bright pink if you want to look extra special.

I did a randomish fit test around the house this morning and it seems I was the only one who found them comfortable. Admittedly two of my subjects were of the small child variety and the other grown up obviously has a particularly small head with odd ear canals, but it might be worth testing them out before buying if you’ve had problems with ear related stuff before.

They are apparently a doddle to update by simply dragging the songs across to the external drive (USB cable supplied), I’ll try this out next week with my new and hopefully improved playlist.

Here’s my trial list:

1. Simian Mobile Disco – Sleep Deprivation
2. LCD Soundsystem – Get Innocuous
3. Hot Chip – Ready for the Floor
4. Weezer – Buddy Holly
5. TV on the Radio – Golden Age
6. Mylo – Drop the Pressure
7. Prodigy – Out of Space
8. Michael Jackson – Beat It
9. Don’t Punk – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
10. Gu’s and Roses – Paradise City

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6 thoughts on “Running from the In-Laws with the Sony W Series Walkman

  1. Karen

    Gasp! So you got one too.. so maybe it’s you I have to thank for mine :o)

    Mine is bright, nah, florescent green in colour. Agree with you about the sound quality. Haven’t managed to the software load properly yet but have managed to get some MP4’s from iTune’s onto it, so far I’m VERY impressed, and considering wearing for London Marathon!

    The trial list is suitable for tempo sessions only (IMHO), or if you generally want to thrash yourself around the place (like doing the hoovering or something!)

  2. Zara

    Hi there,

    I just wanted to know what email is best to contact you on?

    Thanks, Zara

  3. jogblog

    At least you got sent a marginally better colour than me, I got purple and gold ones.

  4. soundlounge

    In light of the recent London Marathon, we’re doing a little bit of research about listening to music while exercising.

    There were 35,000 people running in Sunday’s London Marathon. Research shows that 77% of runners train to music, which means that 28,000 of the London Marathon runners. We’re trying to find the best tracks for training.

    So we were wondering…
    1. What songs do you have on your ipod (or your fancy new headphones) for training?
    2. What songs do you play over and over when the going gets though?

    Here’s a link to our blog post about music and exercising:

    Looking forward to hearing your answers and sharing our results with you!


  5. Roads

    Ah, the delights of Grantham. Harlaxton House merits a visit, and there’s a grand pub in Denton as I recall … but for me it’s the Paragon Cinema in the town itself. It’s like going back in time, but even better. The only place where the ticket lady has ever kindly brought coffees to our seats. Highly recommended.

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