Done a Runner

Suzan and Carol the two founder members of the Surrey Housewives Set (SHS) have been relentlessly running the Bushy Park 5k time trial over the last 2.5 years and this Saturday they finally reached the 100 runs milestone.

500 kilometres ticked off (each) by the grim determination to get out of bed at the crack of dawn almost every Saturday. Pushing themselves through just about the worst running distance ever invented.

I think I’ve been equally relentless in my avoidance of these painful little runs recently but I dragged the non-runner out of bed this Saturday so we could celebrate the grand achievement from the side lines.

I don’t think I’ve won over a convert to the cause, the whole event was rather a strange spectacle, 450 runners turning up at 8:55 to run around the park and then shoot off again after about 30 minutes of painful sweating. You really could be forgiven for wondering why anyone would do it, from our vantage point at the 4k mark, no one appeared to be enjoying themselves and there were quite a few concerning retching noises from within the pack.

Of course runners, know why they do it and even though I was glad I didn’t pack my running shoes, part of me hankered after that smug post run satisfaction and now I’m half tempted to set the alarm early for the occasional Saturday to come.

After a quick congratulatory pat on the back I felt the swarm of the sweaty crowd and shot off out of the car park.

When the photos came out I wasn’t all that popular with the NR who discovered she’d been dragged from her sleep to attend the strange event and then yanked away just as the champagne and buns made an appearance.

2 thoughts on “Done a Runner

  1. Suzan - SHS1

    Champagne seems to feature quite heavily in my runs – do you think I have the correct priorities?

    Thanks for coming over – heres to the British 5k – your next horrid little distance!

  2. The Fat Runner

    Oh dear – I didn’t realise you’d stopped doing the 5k runs!! I’m not doing them as religiously as I was – the perils of going out on a Friday night have meant that getting up at 0730 on Saturday, AND feeling that I’m in any shape to run around Wimbledon Common, have meant that my attendance is rather unsatisfactory… Oh well – perhaps it’s time to start being sensible on a Friday night?

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