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As promised earlier, here’s the route map for the London to Brighton 2009 Bike Ride, courtesy of RunSaturday.

I’ve also added the speed splits from Sporttracks just to illustrate how painfully slow the process was. I’ve currently got my log set up to show running and jogging paces but its quite interesting to see that I was walking for at least 7 miles of the ride and barely jogging for another 4 miles.

Go early is my recommendation!

L2B Pace Chart Sml

And here’s the GPS elevation, its bound to be slightly inaccurate but it gives you a feel for the route.
You can click on both images to enlarge.

Cycling London to Brighton 21-06-2009, Elevation - Distance Sml

One thought on “London to Brighton – Geeky Stuff

  1. Speed Racer

    Wow, looks like a beast. Why were you WALKING your bike? Riding is so much faster. I guess I’ll find out when I go down and read the race report next…

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