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Two mile runs seem to be the new black (@JogBlog) and my latest spree of treadmill couplets must make me positively gothic.

I’ve slipped to beginner runner status again but I’m gradually pulling back and feel happy to be putting in some mileage even if its slow and single figured. The ballot results for the Great North Run will be revealed in a couple of weeks and as my name is in there I’m going to have to start a proper program soon enough. I might even start running outside again which will result in an investment in another GPS gadget and blog posts littered with pretty maps.

Still, I’m getting ahead of myself. I’m scheduled for another 3.1km trog on the treadmill tonight and GPS is just a little bit over the top and besides, if I can wait til September I might get to try out this new toy from Timex.

Despite being practically a non-runner at the moment (and therefore a poor blogger), I am still regularly asked to review or promote running related stuffs on the blog. The latest request was to publicise the first UK running festival, which looks really quite exciting.

It’s called “Love Life Love Running” and is a weekend event aimed at runners and their families. It takes place in the grounds of Cannock Chase over the weekend of the 24th/25th of July 2010. There are two main events: a standard 10k held on Saturday and a rather intriguing 6-hour challenge on Sunday.

I’m particularly drawn to the 6-hour challenge event which is a relay based around a 7km course and can be run by teams of 2, 4 or 6. It suggests on the event website that you can make this as challenging as you like but I haven’t seen the rules so can’t imagine what this means, I’m presuming motorised bikes are ruled out.

As a family oriented event there are obviously events aimed at the kids as well, such as the mini zoom – a 60m course where speed is of the essence. Not my cup of tea at all but there’s a certificate available for every finisher so I could be persuaded.

Anyway, if you struggle to find the time to sneak off to running events it’s well worth taking a look. You can sell it as a family getaway!

Also this week I was sent a copy of the Ultimate Guide to Marathon Running to review.

It’s a large format, magazine style book covering everything from goals, nutrition, motivation, training, technique and so much more. I’m really quite impressed with it and for the price I think it’s amazing value.

I recently canceled my subscription to Runners World mag, not because I was disillusioned with it, but I wasn’t running a lot at the time and after a 3 year subscription I was beginning to notice that the same things would come round too regularly. The content of the Ultimate Guide to Marathon Running magbook is such that you can save yourself an annual subscription to A N Other running mag but still get your fix of motivational tidbits and of course it is solely focused on the marathon distance and event itself.

It has a good training section, discussing various aspects such as interval training and the long slow run but the final 12 week recommended schedules are a bit thin on the ground. There are only 3 schedules illustrated, a 4hrs + (or get round), 3hrs 30 mins or a sub 2hrs 55mins. Personally I think there’s a huge difference between a 4hr marathon time and a get me round time but I suppose schedules are very personal things, there are stacks freely available on the web and it doesn’t detract from what is otherwise an incredibly useful guide to the marathon.

CREDIT: The Ultimate Guide to Marathon Running is available now on the magazine newsstand from WH Smith, Sainsbury, and for only £7.99

As I don’t have a marathon on the horizon and my planned half is quite some time away I thought it would be the perfect giveaway for one of my real running readers. Just leave me a comment telling me why you deserve the magbook more than me and I’ll post the book off to the one that makes me smile. You can be cruel but if you hurt my feelings you won’t win.

On an unrelated note, I will just take this opportunity to plug my latest obsession – warriorwoman can now be found masquerading as Big Betty, riding and writing about the new Triumph Bonneville.

If I’m not on here writing about running then I’m probably on whatapalaver discussing the trials and tribulations of motorbike commuting.

9 thoughts on “Running Festival and Marathon Mag Giveaway

  1. Adele

    I have just made Hector very happy by looking through your Flickr motorbike pictures; you’ve got a new fan 🙂

    That running festival sounds like fun…

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  3. warriorwoman

    Hello Laser Runner, thanks for the welcome back but where have you gone? Everytime I check out your link it says Blogger Down!

    Adele – Glad Hector likes the bike, he might like the running festival too – what’s his time over 60 metres?

  4. Laser Runner

    I’ve not posted for quite a while so maybe I got deleted ? The family picked up on it and I couldn’t then say what I felt. I’ve started traing for Halstead marathon in May, since London rejected me, again and I’m seriously thinking about running Abingdon this year. Sailing doesn’t start till March and I may not do any till after May due to the running.

    I’ll have a think about restarting the blog. I’m on as “lovely lovely gorgeous.”


  5. Annabel


    Having stumbled across your blog, I would love to send you a free sample of our energy drink ( Please email me if you are interested in trialling our new healthy energy drink.



  6. Suzan - SHS1

    Haven’t been by in a while but thought of you today as Surrey housewives went and ran Richmond parkrun – what a course – what hills – what a woman you are for getting round it – it hurt!

    I remembered all your postings about being chatted to by the last place pacer person, they helped me smile through the pain – I mean a sprint uphill to the finish – what ever is that all about?!

    Glad you are running again – join you?

  7. Water Bottles

    Reading annabels comment their, it touches on a topic it would be interesting to read more about here… sports drinks and a review of whats works best etc…

  8. London runner

    Hi all, Love Life Love Running festival is happening again. It was very good last year- well organised, great atmosphere and a great challenge. I hope to get a team together. Is anyone else going?

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