A Running Conversion

I was offered some lovely Mizuno running shoes to try out last week but they were pink so I looked around to find an unsuspecting victim and spotted a non-runner beside me.

The non-runner has been known to run on occasion but the occasions are brief and of the sprint and die variety. She was a bit reluctant to try the proper thing especially when I mentioned treadmills and 30 minutes but you can’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

I didn’t quite grasp the degree of reluctance but there was a heavy thread of edginess present as we gathered our gear and prepared for the gym. I thought I was being rather helpful but I got my head bitten off when I asked if she’d ever been on a treadmill before.

Stroppy with a capital S doesn’t even come close.

We arrived at the gym and I could sense we only had one breathing person left in the car. Recognizing a severe case of gym related anxiety I offered up a reassuring slap on the back and got myself growled at again. We almost cleared the car when we spotted our neighbour entering the parking area. You don’t want to bump into your neighbour on your first day at the gym, wearing spanking brand new, bright pink trainers, so we made a dash for it and arrived at our treadmills sweating but safe.

It’s quite difficult explaining the use of a treadmill to someone who clearly wants to get the whole thing over and done with. In the end we switched it on and decided to learn on the fly, with the suggestion that she followed my pace until she got the hang of things and wanted to up the pace. A few minutes in I noticed a funny side to side action from the treadmill beside me so thought it prudent to point out the emergency red button which she immediately pounded and we got to start all over again.

I few more minutes later, amongst much huffing and puffing I suggested she take on some water but the bottle was sitting just out of reach on the floor. Apparently my non-runner had been expecting a non-running break for refreshments. I passed my bottle over and watched the next incident unfold. Lynn dropped the bottle top and started to bend down to pick it up before sensing the relentless drag of the track beneath her. She managed to right herself and pick up the pace barely millimeters before tippling over the edge.

I have to say it was one of my more enjoyable running experiences, positively entertaining. Of course this wasn’t just about the conversion of a non-runner, it was also about the shoes. I shouted above her grumbles about stitches and being tired and wanting to stop and asked her about the shoes – “How are the Mizuno wave shoes?”

It was quite amazing, her face brightened, the beetroot tinge seemed to leave her face and she actually smiled. “They’re very comfortable….no they really are”.

I wasn’t doubting her, they did look comfortable. They are very light and still seem to have a heavily cushioned sole. Even the pink bits weren’t so noticeable when they were worn with jogging trousers. I’ll go for a pair of these when my Asics have worn out, they are cheaper than the Kayanos I wear but seem to offer a similar fit.

The satisfaction must have lingered because she’s already suggested she join me for my training run tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “A Running Conversion

  1. Adele

    Woo-hoo, a conversion! I remember my first treadmill run in a cool gym with my brother. He looked mortified with embarrassment when I popped off the end while it was still in motion. Oh my, how things have changed.

    Well done non-runner!

  2. Karen

    I used to have Mizuno’s which I loved but a lot of the running here, during the spring to Autumn at least is off road… and as you can see the Miz heel has a ‘hole’ which pine kernals fit nicely into… also running horizontally isn’t there air gaps too in the heel space – which can clog with puddle crap…. BUT STILL… despite this I LOVED my Mizuno (I had the wave creation) and am thinking of returning to them from my Asics (Gel Cumlus which I also love)… I have some tough decisions coming up!!!

  3. warriorwoman

    Hi Karen
    It’s amazing how attached we become to our running shoes. I tried out some Saucony Lady Grid shoes before xmas as I was looking for something cheaper than my Asics but they were awful, like solid bricks.
    These Mizuno s were light and comfortable so I’m happy to have a choice now.

    Adele – I’ve never actually come off the back of a treadmill yet – did you get a belt burn?

  4. Adam

    Glad the Mizuno running trainers did the job and converted another person to the bright new world of running!

    Any more stuff you’d like to try out, just give me a shout.

    All the best

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