Alcoholics View of Energy Drinks vs Sports Recovery Drinks

My recovery drink of choice is Stella.

When I’m on the treadmill I count my distance off in Stella Can Equivalents (SCEs). Last night’s 5.58 km run saw me well into the 2 large can zone, which made me happy.

In my mind energy drinks are worse even than empty calories, they are Stella deficit calories. As a result my usual choice of energy or workout drink is water. 100% effort converts to 100% alcohol which has a satisfying ring of efficiency to it.

I was most unhappy to turn up at the gym the other evening to find that they had stopped selling bottles of water. I had to resort to a bottle of blue Powerade, packing 100 calories or 0.5 SCEs. That’s a quarter of my workout wasted.

Yesterday I spotted a new entrant to the sports drink market – Lucozade Lite. It does have more calories than water but at only 50 per bottle I can begin to see the benefit of isotonic hydration. It tastes pretty good too so I think this could be the perfect choice for the recreational runner who appreciates the calorie burning benefits of sport – however they choose to replenish them.

While I’m on the subject of sports drinks I should take the opportunity to mention Orbana. I was sent a sample of this healthy energy drink last month. It takes the form of a small bottle with a sample of white powder at the bottom. You are supposed to add water, shake and then consume within 20 minutes.

I tried it and felt a bit uneasy about the white powder. It tasted like pineapple chunks and so was probably ok and not class A material.

Orbana is packed with vitamins and no doubt they remain potent for longer by being packaged in the powdered rather than diluted state but I don’t quite get the concept of the bottle with powder. Why not just sell the powder in sachet form so we can add to our water bottle or hydration pack?

However they package it, it’s probably better for you than Stella.