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Since I’ve shifted to the iPhone I’ve always struggled for places to secrete it while out on my run. It has a tendency to yank my shorts down if I put it in my pocket and so I’ve resorted to wearing a huge Salomon bum bag – tres trendy!

I was sent an iPhone sports band around the same time as I found myself kitted out with the Adidas miCoach which proved to be perfect timing. The miCoach pacer needs to be held within about 2 inches of your mp3 player and it clips perfectly to the sports band.

iPhone accessories vary widely in their quality but I was really pleased this item. The strap was big enough to fit even my substantial arm (not pictured), the iPod touch screen worked beneath the plastic screen protector and the strap includes a perfect cable tidy to stop the headphone wrapping itself around my elbow. It’s very good quality and I’ve been out in the April showers and so far no harm has befallen my beloved phone.

I do have some concerns about the new iPhone carrier though, the other evening while running past the local “Enterprise” college, the strap came loose and I was left gasping and clutching at my heart. I was readying myself to scream pathetically until I realised there had been a temporary velcro failure and I wasn’t being mugged by a gang of iPhone coveters. It’s a serious concern though, I read in the paper last week that a local guy was killed for his Blackberry, which makes me think it’s probably not the best neighbourhood for running around with £400 of swanky gadgetry strapped provocatively to your arm.

I suppose I could wear baggier t-shirts to cover it up or go back to the bumbag style.

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5 thoughts on “iPhone Sports Band

  1. Natalia

    Only two days ago my shuffle finally stopped syncing. Since I really like to run with music, I gave in and started using my iPhone (I have the nike ‘thing in a shoe’ that I like to use). My main problem is I feel like a pretentious wanker running with my iPhone strapped to my arm, but at least I am out running, right? 🙂

  2. warriorwoman Post author

    Oh I completely agree, I feel like a prize knob wearing my iPhone on my arm but it’s so practical and I don’t end up yanking the earphones out of my ears every other step.

  3. Caspar

    Oh I was curious about this – the miCoach sounds brilliant but I assumed if you had earphones from that into your ears, you wouldn’t be able to listen to music from an iphone too (unless you used one ear for each, which would not be ideal!). Can you pass the sound from one through the other so both work? I think your photo & description imply they do, which would be ideal!

    I just got a belkin sports armband for my iphone which is a really nice fit.

    I share your concerns about displaying expensive gadgets while running, fortunately my iphone is no longer my main phone so I only use it for runkeeper, plsu it has a very broken screen (it still works and is readable though), meaning if it was stolen my world wouldn’t end… But if a mugger wants to try to keep up the pace while I run through him, he’s welcome to try!

  4. warriorwoman

    Hi Caspar

    The miCoach comes packaged with a single ear headpiece but I imagine most people will leave this in the box where it belongs. It also comes with a tiny connecting cable that you plug into the headphone socket of your iPhone or mp3 player. You then wire up your usual stereo headphones via the headphone socket of the miCoach pacer.

    You can then listen to your music as usual and the miCoach butts in periodically to give you an update. It works very well.

    None of the would be muggers round here would raise a sweat keeping up with my pace. Ho hum.

  5. Caspar

    Perfect 🙂 I had wondered about this but hadn’t gotten around to actually looking it up so thanks for letting me know.

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