Swallowed a Fly

I didn’t entirely swallow it, mores the pity. It lodged in my throat and wriggled or fluttered as semi-masticated flies have a tendency to do.

This was 4k into the “5k Your Way” event for council and PCT employees. It had gone fairly well up til that point, I had pootled along in a resolutely non-walking fashion for the whole distance until the fly dragged me coughing and retching to my knees. I hate 5k events, they always drive me to nausea.

Work organised events are a bit dangerous I think. Six of us signed up for the event but by D-Day 50% had succumbed to some kind of lurgey or injury and had called in sick. It came very close to being a 66.67% sick rate but I needed to test the calibration of the miCoach.

I’d programmed the miCoach to maintain green zone for the 5k distance. I set off a little too keenly trying to keep up with my colleagues and despite dropping back to my usual crawl within the first minute, my heart obviously never recovered. The little pacer just repeated “slow down to green zone” for the duration. That’s quite a satisfying phrase when you’re racing.

The km markers were a little off towards the end of the race but as the parkrun team were involved in the organisation I can only assume the overall route was an accurately marked 5k distance.

The Nike+ sportband recorded an optimistic 5.35km but the miCoach recorded 4.99km and came out the winner in the first head to head test over a known distance. I’m still harbouring doubts but I think I will put them away and just enjoy the running until I find another opportunity to challenge the gadgets.