Juneathon 1/30

I left it till the dying hours of May to sign up for Juneathon but I still managed to wake up on the 1st, regretting my hasty decision. It was even worse when I got home. It was grim and wet and I was mardy and wet and didn’t feel like running, but it’s a bad omen to quit on the first day of anything.

I had a cup of tea in my sopping motorbike gear and then togged myself up in assorted electronic paraphernalia and propelled myself out of the door.

I was secretly grateful for the opportunity to finish off the last few minutes of my audiobook in peace. I’ve been listening to Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger and it has proved to be a satisfying follow up to A Time Travelers Wife. It was only available in abridged format so now I’ll have to make the time to read an actual book.

7 mins into the run and I reached the end of my story. I tuned into the silence until my stertorous breathing filled the airways and I couldn’t bear it any longer. I paused long enough to switch to one of my new Audiofuel tracks and the heavy beat kept me going for another lap of the posh houses circuit.

This will prove a staple of my Juneathon challenge routes but perhaps the number of laps will alter. Today = 2 laps.