Juneathon 12/30 – Almost Barefooting

The new shoes didn’t go down particularly well at home. The kids thought I was a freak and the Non-Runner attempted emotional blackmail and then just refused to be seen with me unless it was dark.

In retrospect I probably ought to have a chosen a black pair but they’re not that hideous, and anyway, I like running under cover of darkness.

I was a little apprehensive about trying them out. Our usual route is quite hilly and all tarmac based. I expected the downhills to be particularly painful but when I relaxed into it I was fairly quick to find a flow.

The run was much easier than I anticipated, I seemed to change my form away from heavy heel striking and for some reason my breathing seemed easier as well. I assumed I must have slowed down but the Non-Runner felt I’d set a tougher pace than usual. I can’t check it out unfortunately as I managed to leave the GPS off and I haven’t yet fathomed a way of attaching a foot pod to the minimal Vibram Five Fingers (VFF).

I was really enjoying this run so we pushed on for 4 laps and then I felt a bit of a twinge under the ball of my big toe. Blister alarm bells were ringing and I’d probably overdone it for my first attempt at minimal shoe running or almost barefoot running.

We’ve got a 7 mile charity walk tomorrow for the Samaritans and I’ll probably be obliged to go with normal shoes but I can’t wait to try the VFF’s out again.

Fitnessfootwear have kindly offered up a free pair of the Vibram Five Fingers to the winner of this years Juneathon – good prize!