Juneathon 15/20 – Dressage Ponies

Now that I’ve gone all minimalist or practically barefoot, I think the non-runner could be forgiven for expecting me to get ready just a little bit quicker.

We were only going out for a one-miler to gently stretch out the strained limbs but I still needed the GPS and heart rate monitor and the shoes aren’t helping matters much. It’s proving to be a hellish tricky job to squeeze the little toe into the little toe compartment of the Vibrams and it’s not made any easier by impatient tapping.

It’s probably a bit too early to try running in the vibram five fingers (VFF) again, but I really feel like I want to play. I was more nervous than on my first attempt and my calves and heels were so tight I ended up prancing around on my toes like a lipazzana pony.

With the n-r mocking me at my side, trotting up and down with stiff arms we could have sold tickets for our very own gymkhana.

It was our slowest mile yet but remarkably comfortable and we made it to the top of the hill, running and still just about able to talk. Perfect.