Juneathon Hiatus and Non Runner Records

There has been a paucity of Juneathon posts of late. I have to admit to bailing mid month, unable to cope with the pressure of late night running followed by early hours blogging, but it wasn’t long before we missed at least the running bit.

It’s actually refreshing to run daily and yet without the challenge of Juneathon it’s very hard to enforce the commitment. After a brief lull we tried to pick up the pace – here’s the daily running tally.

Yesterday we headed out just as the sun was disappearing for a 5k trog around the refreshingly flat Tooting Common.

Lynn led the way from the start, she’s gotten too damn fit during June and I can’t match her pace. Now she has to run a helical route while I trog straight as a dye.

It’s a strange experience to follow, I usually know exactly which path I want to take and Lynn kept refusing to take them. It felt like she was taking me on a random walk, zig zagging from one corner to the next, neatly taking in all the gravel paths with huge stones waiting to embed themselves in my minimally shod arches.

When I checked the GPS track at the end it proved to be a relatively neat route, apart from the last 500 metres where we were desperate to keep ticking over til the 5k mark.

These SW London commons are titchy compared to the likes of Bushy Park and Richmond Park, it’s tough trying to trace out a full 5k route, I don’t imagine they’ll be expanding the park runs out here.

This run marked the first non-stop 5km for the Non-Runner. I remember those early days of personal bests with almost every run, it reminds me how self-affirming this sport is.