Rapanui Eco Clothing

I have to buy my own t-shirts now that my race entries have slumped to next to zero per year.

I first became aware of the existence of bamboo clothing when The Royal Parks Half issued their first race t-shirt. What a fantastic fabric – it’s incredibly soft and has amazing anti-pong qualities.

I ordered this lovely green number – the bamboo Eko from Rapanui clothing after the marketing guy there alerted me to enviromental merits of the company. It is a beautifully soft t-shirt and embroidered with a leaf motif.

It has rapidly become my fave item of clothing and has been worn rather more than is decent.

After two 5k runs and four 18km cycle commutes, I decided it was time to send it to the wash basket – more out of a fear of my work colleagues thinking I had personal hygiene issues than any actual cleaning requirements. Bamboo really does seem to have impressive anti-smell properties.

The Bamboo Eko is quoted as being Rapanui’s most breathable t-shirt but I wouldn’t really recommend it as true performance wear. The weave is too tight and although it is a light t-shirt the sweat soaks in and lingers for just a little bit longer than I appreciate. Cycling seems to be ok as the breeze helps the drying process but I come back a bit damp after a run.

I hope they expand the range though and consider making performance sports gear for runners.

One of the eco features of Rapanui is the so called Traceability Tool, which enables users to trace the entire journey of any garment on our site from seed to shelf.

Seems like my t-shirt fabric was made in Turkey and assembled in their fair wear wind powered factory in the Isle of Wight.

Do they grow Bamboo in Turkey or am I missing a stage in the trace?