The Gadgets Keep Getting Bigger

We took receipt of the largest box in the world yesterday.

I am just beginning to get over the stress of it now. It took 3 of us to haul it across the threshold and then I spent the rest of the afternoon emptying the dining room of extraneous clutter such as dining tables and tried to make the contents of The Box look just a little smaller.

Not sure I was that successful. The dining room still looks like an homage to The Box and I am a little unpopular.

So, the new toy, an industrial size mega treadmill is filling the room and the pressure of the “you better bloody use it” variety is building. I reckon I could easily use it more often than the dining table but I’m not sure that’s going to be enough to save me.

It was relatively easy to install and despite discovering two spare parts and 6 extra screws I was able to clamber on board and knock out a sweaty 5k from the comfort of my own home.

It was an ideal opportunity to test out all my gadgets and clobber for the Great North run tomorrow.

I’ve discarded the miCoach as it seemed to disable the remote control features of my swanky new Sennheiser headphones. I bought the new sporty model which comes complete with a microphone. Now I’ll be able to answer the call from my mum without having to pull out my phone. She always rings at about the 10 mile mark to say she can see the Red Arrows as they swoop over South Shields.

The blister plasters had to go as well, they just won’t stay put during a run but the special padded toe end glove things are marvellous.

So my journey up north has begun. This time tomorrow I’ll be covered in blisters but at least my toe nails will still be intact.

3 thoughts on “The Gadgets Keep Getting Bigger

  1. niamh

    Love the anti-blister toe wraps – let us know how they work! And hope you got through the race, was watching it on the TV yesterday, looks like an incredible experience.

  2. warriorwoman

    The toe cushions were a marvelous invention. I ran in Nike Frees and apart from a tiny and inconsequential blister on my little toe I was fine. Toe nails remained in-tact.

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