The Postman Delivers

For the 4th year running I’ve rushed home from work eager to see what the postman had delivered. Usually I’m left disappointed by the discovery of an humongous commiseration raincoat, but today I found an uplifting looking red magazine. An acceptance magazine no less. I still haven’t opened it yet but it hardly seems necessary.

There are now 6 months between me an the 2011 Virgin London Marathon. God help me.

When I crossed the finish line of the Great North run almost a fortnight ago, I swore I would not be doing a full marathon. Ever.

But that was 11 days ago and things change, pain diminishes, glory lingers.

More importantly I’ve developed a new obsession. For the past month we’ve been watching back to back episodes of The Biggest Loser. Last night we caught up with the penultimate episode of Season 8 when the four fatties left standing had to run a marathon.

These guys had been huge but were now given 60 days to train for a marathon. Admittedly they’d lost  an astounding proportion of their body mass by this time but they were still big and this for the most part was a solitary marathon – four contestants – limited support – a hellish experience.

Danny and Liz (the two on the right) provided me with the biggest spur to action. They ran this together as a sign of solidarity and struggled as you’d expect they should but finished the event in under 6.5 hrs – a time I have previously considered to be vaguely unattainable.

I don’t know why I find it so galling that they were both better runners than me. No one has ever disputed that I am a poor or at least an extremely slow runner and on the weight front I am heavy enough to be an episode 1 contestant rather than a Biggest Loser finalist, but still, it feels like the Gladys episode all over again.

It just won’t do. I’m going to have to do something about it.

Here starteth my new marathon plan:

2 stone (minimum) to be lost by April
Running pace to be increased in a major way
6.5 hour marathon target to be broken

I’ll pad the details out over the next few months.

13 thoughts on “The Postman Delivers

  1. jogblog

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! How exciting! I look forward to reading about your 20 mile training runs.

  2. Adele

    No way! You lucky, lucky lady! Best of luck with your goals, I will be following and cheering you all the way.

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  4. travellinghopefully

    Congratulations on the marathon place! I’m very glad to see that I’m not the only one sucked in by The Biggest Loser – watched the weigh in the other day whilst eating jam and cream scones. Perhaps I’m missing the point.

  5. Emma

    Have you tried the Air sports watch??my husband has just got me one to encourage me along the way!I was wondering if any other female runners had experience of them?They claim to have ionic healing properties.Im desperate to hear more about them, thanks Girls xx

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  7. rache

    I have seen the programme and I think I might have cried at how well the contestants do and how much they have to overcome. Amazing if you can loose the weight – however I think even walking that distance is a huge achievment. Supporting you all the way!!!

  8. warriorwoman

    I’m doing the Stella diet:
    An ordinary breakfast followed by an ordinary lunch and then 2 cans of Stella for dinner.

  9. Sean

    Hi Angela, congratulations, you’ll be wanting to put some miles in then! – I was talking with Jog Blog and she suggested you might want to join my Nike Grid Team. – Are you on Face book? I’ll send you some details through FB if you are interested! Train well! Sean

  10. Sean


    Nike Grid sent me a massage saying you had requested to join the Team AudioFuel. I can also see you’ve formed your own team, sadly Nike does not let you be in 2 teams. So if you wanna be in our gang, you’ll have to leave your own team first. Rules and processes… Grrrr. Feel so free to join us, or not join us! Cheers Sean

  11. niamh

    Congrats on getting the red book, and how funny that the Biggest Loser is your motivation! Whatever works 🙂

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