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Today marks the start of the new and improved Nike Grid 2.0. It would appear from the version control that Nike has already managed to slip one of these urban orienteering style adventures past me. This time round though, I am in. Hook, line and sinker.

In brief:

Nike have commandeered 4 phone boxes in each of 48 London postcodes. The idea is that you run between them, remembering to log in via a free phone call. Each postcode is self contained so you score points by running between the 4 phone boxes in each zone. You can repeat as many times as you like providing you make the phone call at the start and end of each leg.

Extra points are scored for completing every possible route combination which I reckon means 12 runs per postcode. There are loads of extra points and badges for other stuff such as running in at least 3 different postcodes or running before 8am or after 7pm and so on.

No gadgets required, you just need to register at and get running.

You will probably want to prepare yourself with a few maps as well. The Nike provided maps are a bit pants and quite tricky to print off in a readable fashion.

I’ve started creating a google map with the Nike Grid phone locations. I haven’t mapped all 198 phone boxes yet but you may find it useful if you want to run the central London locations.

I’m ready and eager for the 6pm kick off, and have my route plotted already. We are off to the pub first so we’ll automatically get the extra points for late night running/staggering and the points for taking in at least 3 postcodes.

Anyone still looking for a team – come and join Sub Par Runners a team with high aspirations but very little talent.

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