Injury Groans

I’m spending my morning learning how to cross my legs. Apparently I am supposed to work my right knee into the back of my left calf and wiggle. I’ve never been the sort of lady who can sit with an elegantly crossed knee, I have slightly more inner thigh than is absolutely necessary and it’s a struggle to get the pivot point anywhere above the ankle. My dodgy leg keeps clattering to the floor and I’m creating a bit of a stir in the office.

I’m following the advice of my osteopath though and with my marathon training scheduled to start in exactly one month’s time I’m prepared to look like a bit of a buffoon if it will work.

Up til now I’ve been resting a few days, pummelling my calf into submission and then attempting a short run. In every case I’ve been forced right back to square one as tendons twang and muscles cramp up. I’m getting close to the point of panic and drastic action is required if I hope to be fit enough for VLM next April.

I’m encouraged by David at Running Matters and think that maybe a full month off, with no running attempts but with more cycling and a crazy routine of stretching might just put me in the best position for starting my marathon training. The osteo agrees, but also reckons I should try and fit in an MRI and possibly a bit of key hole surgery.

I’m not holding out much hope of the NHS delivering one of those within the next month.

3 thoughts on “Injury Groans

  1. warriorwoman Post author

    Not sure, degenerative cartillage damage has been suggested but I’m not sure if that adequately accounts for the knots in my calf, tendon twanging and the occassional ballistic pain to the back of my knee.

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