Day 6 and another Running Commute

I took my nordic poles into work today. I proper ummed and ahhed about it, but in the end I decided the health of my knee might be worth a bit of humiliation through Brixton.

When the heavens opened, mid afternoon, I was so grateful, imagining empty streets in which I could gallop along, bounding from one puddle to the next.

By the time I got to Brixton, it had dried out and multiple commuters were gathering. I extended the poles. Walked a little bit. Considered running.

I managed approximately 10 yards but was too embarrassed to overtake the couple who had witnessed me faffing with the poles and so stopped and retracted them. That meant I had to continue the run with two poles clutched in my hands. I now have rotator cuff injuries to go with my dodgy knee.

I’m not sure I’m going to stick with Nordic Jogging as a concept. I can’t cope with the spectacle and besides, the poles seem to skitter all over the tarmac. Maybe I should give it a go on a proper muddy trail.

Despite suggestions to the contrary my knee actually held up very well today. 9km ticked off and not even a twinge. I’m putting this down to a very positive experience with performance and injury specialist, Craig Carroll but more on that later.

5 thoughts on “Day 6 and another Running Commute

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  2. Chris

    what kind of tips do you have on the poles? maybe change out to rubber to avoid skittering? good news on the knees. looking forward to reading more of your adventures.

  3. warriorwoman Post author

    I’m using a rubber tip – looks like a small boot. Seems to work ok while I walk but gets a bit frisky when I jog.

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  5. shaz

    Running with poles you are brave I would be worried on 2 accounts 1. That I am so unco-ordinated that i would do myself or someone else an injury 2. That some bright spark would yell ‘where is the snow!’ Hope the knee continues to behave.

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