Day 7 – A Night on the Tiles

We had plans for this evening, none of which encompassed Janathon. I should have thought ahead and gone for a pre-work run but I didn’t. Instead I was sitting on the tube at something past 11pm thinking I wasn’t really in the mood for midnight running. We’d all been to see Blood Brothers and I was still sniffling weakly from the trauma.

We got home with 25 mins to spare so I went in search of my running bra but then got called away to do worm duties which involves saving Lynn from the killer creepies that the kittens have dragged in. Finally, with only 15 mins to spare I make it to the treadmill.

I pounded out my 15 mins quite happily and felt satisfied with the effort.

2 thoughts on “Day 7 – A Night on the Tiles

  1. kathryn

    You are the queen of the late night Janathon aren’t you! With your 1 Jan run and then today’s. I’m well impressed that you didn’t give up and instead use those last 15 minutes of the day for running. Fine work.

  2. Adele

    As always, I’m impressed with your dedication to the cause. Treadies, life-saver of the Janathon runner 🙂

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