Day 8 – Harder to Breathe

Well I’m still breathing but at Janathon Day 8 I’m finding it harder and harder to blog. Daily jogging is a doddle in a comparison to daily blogging. The pressure to find something worth sharing is building and it doesn’t get easier when I perform the run on the treadmill in the back room – again. Even the cats are too soporific to join me today.

I’m working my way through the different workout options though and that remains fairly entertaining. I don’t seem designed for the factory settings. When I select and interval option it asks for my peak running pace. I might optimistically key in 9 or 10 kph but then it sets most of the run at something ridiculously low like 4 kph and then for a brief interlude ramps up the incline and has me running up the equivalent of K2 at breakneck speed. There must be one option on here to suit me.

Tomorrow is my long run day. Hopefully that will generate some food for thought.

Janathon tally for Week 1
Blogs: 7/7
Runs: 6/7
Cross Train: 1/7

Week 1 Totals
Run: 16.4 km
Cycle: 10.8 miles

4 thoughts on “Day 8 – Harder to Breathe

  1. Kay Sexton

    Ah, I have something of the opposite problem, ultra-length posts but definite problems with the run length! I’m pacing myself though, so that I can actually complete the 31 days with a run every day, so I’m not feeling guilty about it. Yet.

    You can always just bullet point your runs in a blog post and then put a comment in brackets after the bullets you feel inclined to elaborate on. Think of it as a kind of literary fartlek …

  2. Nicky

    OMG I totally agree. My other half and I are doing this challenge together in preparation for our 2nd half marathon in March and he moaned and groaned about the blog from day one. He said he was just going to put Day 1 – ran. Day 2 – ran Day 3 – ran. I don’t think he has but I am losing enthusiasm for the blogging now aswell. We think we’re being amusing by making up our own names for certain hills and roads but if you don’t know them then it doesn’t really translate to other people!! (and it probably isn’t really very amusing at all – Traffic Light Hill never had anyone in stitches – unless it was the scene of a car crash).

    My comment to you is longer than today’s blog *sigh*

    Fingers crossed for an amazing occurence on the run tomorrow

  3. Marianna

    I think the blogging part is the easy part. I do it right away but have to admit I’ve almost forgotten a couple times. But I’ve been blogging for 6 years and this is only my 4th running.

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