Day 9 and the Muddy Face Plant

Quite early on in the run I decided I was a lazy shuffler.

I think the epiphany came 750m into my long run when a dandelion root and a barely lifted foot, sent me sprawling head first into a muddy verge. Any further into my run along the Wandle River and I would have created quite a splash, so I should be thankfull for small mercies.

It’s also a very good job that I’m a yellow belt in Judo as I was able to roll quite magnificently and almost ended up back on my feet. And while I’m counting mercies, the walking poles that I’d strapped to my backpack, in case of knee related emergencies, only garotted me slightly.

Yes indeed, the run started well.

I was listening to the marathon talk podcast as usual, having only recently discovered it, I have a very welcome backlog to work through. Today I was engrossed in the interview with the running guru – Prof Tim Noakes of the Lore of Running fame.

He was fascinating but also quite conveniently started discussing the plight of the slow runner. His recommendation was that anyone expecting to take 5+ hours to finish an event should encorporate walking into their training, and not just a bit of walking but a full mile of walking every 6 miles or so.

I had just passed the 6km point along the Wandle Trail and very gratefully took the cue to walk til the 7km buzzer sounded. It set a bit of a precendent I’m afraid and although my total distance recorded was 14.5 km at least 3 were at walking pace. Still, I was happy to complete it pain free and as is usual on my long runs I was particularly happy to be picked up at the end and ferried home without any fuss.

I felt rather rough at the end of this run. I’m coinciding Janathon with a low carb diet. The sort of diet that kick starts a weight loss program fairly well but doesn’t sit too happily with endurance events where you cry out for a bit of glycogen. I ran on water and plain peanuts and by the end I felt sick and lethargic.

Still, I felt sufficiently righteous after my longest run since GNR, to take a break and treat myself with the first stella of the week – a truly marvellous recovery drink.

One thought on “Day 9 and the Muddy Face Plant

  1. Marianna

    Actually there is research behind beer as recovery drink. It ha protein & carbs and is absorbed better than sports drinks. Keep it up. We are approaching the 1/2 way point. It has been beastly cold here in the states.

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