Day 13 – Delays

The day disappeared with itself yesterday. I’d planned a running commute which takes precision organisation and an evening without commitments but my boss had other plans and kept me back late. By the time I’d run home I had no energy for Jog, Log, Blog, all I could manage was the 3 B’s: Beer, Bath, Bed.

I had 17km on my plan but the route didn’t quite work out that way. I walked for about a mile before the satellites picked up and then struggled to actually start the running motion. I was happy standing by the Houses of Parliament in the rain, watching the goings on, as the Garmin strained to communicate but did finally press go somewhere past Millbank and trogged fairly happily along the river and up through Battersea and Clapham.

I had a few good kilometres in the mix where I felt relatively spritely but it dropped off from 10k and by 12k I was suffering. My feet lost all spring and it felt like I was bouncing on bone. I was not sufficiently on form to deal with the hill that greats me within yards of our house.

I’ve had major energy slumps on my last two long runs. I’m pretty sure its diet related as I’ve been messing around with my carb intake. I’ve decided low carbs don’t work too well with long runs so have upped the consumption but I still felt sick as a dog by the time I got home. Lynn force fed me peanut butter on toast and I perked up miraculously

4 thoughts on “Day 13 – Delays

  1. Kay Sexton

    That’s still quite a run – I know those energy slumps very well: I find those semi-dried banana slices from Tropical Wholefoods do the job without adding an (ahem, how to say this) unpleasant loading to the lower colon.

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