KiFit Body Monitor – The Update

I’ve been wearing KiFit body monitor for 3 weeks now and have just downloaded the stats for analysis.

I love this bit. I have masses of data points for each day and feel compelled to create myself a database to store it all in. I can look back on each day determine my calorie intake, activity level, calorie expenditure, sleep quality, nutrient %, alcohol overload and probably more.

At the moment I am having to make do with a spreadsheet but that is fascinating enough.

I’ve matched the daily calorie deficit with a predicted weightoss (on the basis of 3500 calorie deficit = 1 pound) and matched it with actual weightloss.

Despite having a marvelous second week, this last week has been pants and my three week total was a paltry 2lbs. The calculated cumulative deficit suggests I should have lost a far more acceptable 6 lbs. I’m not dejected though, as I have the data to fall back on.

A quick glance over the stats reveals a few discrepancies. I didn’t enter any food on the first day of registering the KiFit armband and another day I forgot to enter my dinner. These knocked the expected weightloss down to 5lbs and then Lynn started looking over it with a critical eye. “Did you record those chocolate orange segments on Friday night?”

What chocolate orange segments?

I staggered home somewhat inebriated on Friday and only vaguely remember stealing the kids sweets. Having been prompted though, a few more sins crept out of the woodwork. There had been a stick of rock upstairs for quite some weeks and that seemed to disappear on that Friday night too. I woke up on Saturday to find the wrapper in the bin. I “forgot” to enter the smoothie I had at lunch yesterday and Thursday’s 50g pack of peanuts was recorded as 1 peanut rather than 1 bag of peanuts.

Having cleared up the data my expected weight loss dropped to 4lbs and no doubt a few other items bypassed the recording phase on their way to my mouth. So I think we are sufficiently within the bounds of acceptable data entry error for me to accept the data and start to draw some conclusions.

I haven’t exactly been hitting all my targets and the only one I’ve surpassed is the calories consumed target. Not the best one to pick.

I’ve run over my daily calorie consumption as well and looked back to the days where I came in under the 1700 cal target. I think I’ve got loads of room for improvement and I should be able to make progress without too much pain.

Over the next 3 weeks I’ll be making renewed efforts to hit my step target and to limit the food intake – I need to build that calorie deficit up.

I’ve found the KiFit experience to be fascinating. I really am quite a sedentary beast at heart. I’ve had 25 mins on the treadmill today, running through a high intensity routine and have still only managed to record 600 steps by 8pm. It’s easy to see how you could lull yourself into a false sense of security by partaking in the occasional gym based exercise and spend the rest of the day with your feet up consuming recovery drinks.

4 thoughts on “KiFit Body Monitor – The Update

  1. DeelyBH

    Did you carry on using the Ki Fit system after you wrote this review? And if you did, how did it go as time went on?

    I always find the first month are easy when using new “systems” and then it becomes harder after that. 🙂

  2. warriorwoman

    Oh so do I.
    I’m happy to report that I’m still wearing the arm band and I’ve just this moment logged my morning banana.
    The weightloss hasn’t been dramatic as I hoped but it is dropping. I need to build more planning into the system rather than just historical monitoring. At the moment it feels as though I log the day and wait with bated breath to see if I hit my targets. I could be a little more forward thinking here.

  3. heather buchman

    I have a body bugg. It seems really similar. At first it was fun. Then summer came and wearing the band meant tan lines. I think these gadgets are great tools if you really dedicate time to use them. Otherwise they are just extremely expensive tools. I do know a lot of people who really used it and got results. For me it stepped up my game to do more. But like you tracking and recording all meals was hard and made it inaccurate. In reality I think programs like if used can get the same results for less money. Keep us posted how you are doing.

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