Living with a Lab Rat

I have so many wrist and arm gadgets that I am holding out for an implantable chip so I can discard some of the clunky adornments. A chip for blood glucose levels, body temp, steps walked, calories input, distance travelled. It will be ANT enabled and my body can spill it’s beans when ever I switch on my computer.

In the meantime I have to get used to being called the household Lab Rat.

A new gizmo arrived yesterday for me to try out – The Trion:z Double Loop Bracelet.

It’s one of those magnetic bracelets typically associated with chronic sufferers of arthritis but re-styled for the athletic world. The Trion:z brand has managed to deeply embed itself within the sporting fraternity and you’ll see the coloured bands on the wrists of triathletes to golfers.

As with most of these “alternative” therapies, you’ve got to tread incredibly carefully when making any health claims. In fact I couldn’t find any on the leaflet that came with the bracelet. There was an emphasized quote, stating that Michellie Jones wouldn’t race without her Trion:z but it didn’t explain why.

Why won’t she race without it? I am puzzled.

What am I supposed to feel now I’ve put this thing on?

Reading the techy section of the website suggests that the bracelet is going to release negative ions which will inhibit the effects of the positive ion producing technology all around us.

I haven’t noticed any problems from the positive ions so far so I decided to check it out on the treadmill. Fan on, treadmill turning, iPod on – I must have been in positive ion hell or at least I might have been if it wasn’t for the bracelet of wonder.

It was an uneventful run but quite pleasant, no headaches but then that’s normal. No epiphany but maybe I wasn’t looking hard enough.

It’s quite a nice bracelet though and as it’s designed for sporty types it might not get a stinky as my Link of London friendship bracelet. I think it can stay for a while and take up valuable wrist real estate until the next must have gadget comes along. Who knows, the negative ions might surprise me.

3 thoughts on “Living with a Lab Rat

  1. jogblog

    I got one of these to try the other day too and like you, couldn’t find any info on the leaflet about what it was supposed to do! I wore it while cycling and didn’t fall off, so maybe that was it.

  2. edie

    thank you for this review…. i think that it is quite easy to get lost in the gadget jungle!

  3. Mitutoyo Calipers

    What’s crazy about the wrist band type of thing is “they” believe that it is the same thing as a placebo effect. That it has nothing to do with the magnets or whatever since your body isn’t magnetic. They believe that the belief itself is what causes the change.

    Pills with nothing but sugar in them have actually cured things in people, it’s crazy

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