Speedy and…

The momentum is sliding already, I don’t think it’ll be too long before I’m pushing the rules to the limits and squeezing my run and blog into the dying seconds before midnight. As it was, we were out and back with a whole hour to spare this evening.

Lynn has barely run at all since Janathon and is not quite back up to form yet. I left her nursing a stitch while I completed the 3rd lap. I’d got half way round and was busy composing my brag post when I heard the clatter of rapidly approaching feet. She’d obviously read my mind and decided not to give me an easy win.

As it was I still beat her to the doorstep but I don’t think I’ll have too many more wins after week 1.

Day 2 Tally
Runs: 2/2
Run Distance: 3.13k / 5.38k total
Runs where I beat Lynn: 2/2
Stella Pint Equivalents: 0 but it’s Friday tomorrow!