Dress Rehearsal

Yesterday we were at a friends wedding for the day. It felt like a dress rehearsal for our own nuptials, now just 4 weeks away. I left with many mental notes of missing plans and inevitably spent this evening trying to plug the gaps.

I ended up getting stressy over playlists, ribbons and table layouts until Lynn dragged me out into the streets for a blast of fresh air and a new mood.

It’s amazing how relaxing the rhythmic pounding on dark rain soaked streets can be. If only I could get rid of the accompanying wheezes it would be the perfect form of meditation.

We finished side by side but I think Lynn was toying with me, it won’t be long before she thrashes me.

Day 10 Tally
Alcohol Free Days – obliterated by approx 1 barrel of Stella Equivalents

Day 11 Tally
Runs: 8/11
Run Distance: 2.13k/16.9k
Alcohol Free Days: 3/11

One thought on “Dress Rehearsal

  1. Travelling Hopefully

    Don’t sweat the small stuff!

    I think that the main thing is make sure that people are well fed – I couldn’t tell you anything about the decorations at my friend’s wedding, but I remember that the buffet ran out…

    (this might just be me and my greed, but I stand my my initial comment)

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