Learning to Run

It’s my bithday soon and for a gift my mum wanted to send me off for dancing lessons – she’s worried I’m going to embarass her with the first dance at the wedding. I managed to persuade her that I was beyond redemption, wouldn’t be attempting anything beyond a pitiful shuffle and that I’d get far more benefit from a little running tuition.

So, I had my first session at The Running School in Battersea today. It’s a six session course and the first involves a polite form of running character assassination.

I was recorded from rear and side while giving it my all on the treadmill. From first glance at the video I thought I had a remarkably tidy gait but then Patrick started sharing his wisdom.

The inquest suggested I had excessive rotation, my feet were crossing over, my hips dropped on foot strike and I basically bounce up and down on the spot. It’s a wonder that I ever get to the finish line.

I was feeling a little despondent but Patrick seems very confident and assured me he could make a runner of me. I will watch this space with curiosity, I’ve seen the before and after videos and can’t quite place myself in the after shots.

I left with homework instructions to practice one-legged cantering. Hard to explain but you look like a plonka and it increases the merriment in the household no end.

5 thoughts on “Learning to Run

  1. asphalt tales

    This is so interesting. I need to find a place here where someone can analize my running form, gait, etc. I think that would help a lot.

  2. warriorwoman

    I haven’t got the video output yet – not sure I’ll get it til we reach the before and after phase. I’ll definitely add it then and might try and recreate a DIY analysis in the meantime.

  3. Girl on a Mission


    I loved your reference to the ‘running character assassination’. That make me smile big time. Honestly everyone goes through the same thing – but it’s amazing to see how quickly you pick it up. Most importantly in answer to your lovely question which I finally got to today. So sorry. Check under Q&A on my latest post:


    Best of luck with Running School. In six weeks you’ll be ready for the Olympics!! xx

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